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Upcoming Events in Washington, D.C.

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Link: Distributed Energy Development and Deployment Summit

Date: 6/1/2016 to 6/3/2016

Location: Washington, DC

Source: Infocast

Washington Plaza

Infocast's Distributed Energy Development and Deployment Summit will provide a platform for federal, state, and local representatives to outline their distributed energy deployment programs and plans to move toward a decentralized, resilient, and modern grid. The event will also bring utilities and renewable energy developers together with system integrators, financiers, and representatives from distributed energy enabling technologies like energy storage, microgrids, and smart cities to tackle the technical and financial challenges of developing the grid of the future.

The Pre-Summit: Designing and Implementing Distributed Energy, Energy Storage, and Microgrid Projects Executive Forum will cover the technical and regulatory integration challenges of deploying distributed energy projects, including the utilization of energy storage, fuel cells, microgrids, and smart inverters/controls.

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