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Past Events in Virginia

5 event(s).

Regional Wind Powering America Meeting: Mid-Atlantic

Date: 3/16/2011

Location: Arlington, VA

Contact: Corrie Christol, NREL

Phone: (303) 384-7110

Marriott Crystal Gateway

As the 3-year Wind Powering America priority state activities end and similar federal funding for medium- and low-priority states transitions to regional outreach activities, the U.S. Department of Energy's Wind and Water Power Program and Wind Powering America are hosting a series of 1-day meetings at strategic locations around the country. State representatives, Wind Working Group members, and other interested stakeholders are invited to attend and share experiences. Through these events, Wind Powering America staff and participants will identify lingering deployment barriers, prioritize these barriers, and then work in small groups to review successful approaches and discuss potential approaches to address the barriers identified.

The meeting will allow wind stakeholders from each region to meet and discuss approaches to address the most pressing market barriers, learn from experiences in other states, and help build regional collaboration. Wind Powering America will also use the meeting results to help plan the Wind Powering America Annual All-States Summit and future program activities. This meeting is free to attend, but please register so we may plan accordingly. Deadline March 14, 2011

Additional meetings are planned in the following locations:

Virginia Wind Energy Collaborative: Wind Energy Symposium

Date: 6/16/2010 to 6/17/2010

Location: Harrisonburg, VA

Contact: Monica Pangle

Phone: (540) 568-8754

James Madison University, Festival Conference Center.

Please see the Web site for more information.

Mitigating Wind Energy Impacts on Radar Systems Webinar

Date: 9/10/2009

Location: VA

Contact: Gary Seifert, Program Manager of Distributed Generation at Idaho National Laboratory

The Mid-Atlantic/Southeast Regional Wind Energy Institute hosted a Webinar regarding wind energy impacts on radar systems. Within this region, wind energy projects have the potential to impact radar systems that are sited for military, meteorological, and research uses. This Webinar covered the root causes of these impacts and appropriate mitigation steps.

Gary Seifert, Program Manager of Distributed Generation at Idaho National Laboratory, a national expert in understanding and addressing wind energy and radar impacts, provided overview, insight, and expertise into the conflicts between wind turbines and radar systems.

Phillip Smith from NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia provided a case study of how Wallops Flight Facility was able to assess, and successfully mitigate, potential radar impacts from wind turbines in the area.

The two presentations are available on the Mid-Atlantic/Southeast Regional Wind Energy Institute Web site.

Virginia Wind Energy Collaborative State Wind Symposium

Date: 6/18/2008 to 6/19/2008

Location: Harrisonburg, VA

James Madison University.

The purpose of the Symposium is to inform stakeholders and other interested parties about the progress that wind power has made in the region over the last few years. The Symposium will address critical and timely issues pertaining to wind power development in Virginia and throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Topics for Proposed Workshops

  • Small Wind Installation
  • National Education Energy Development Teacher Workshop
  • Wind Powering America Wind for Schools Program
  • Media and Communications
  • Virginia Renewable Scoring System for Siting

Topics for Sessions

  • Wind Benefits
  • Wildlife Impacts
  • Offshore Wind
  • Utilities Commitments to Virginia Wind
  • Farm Bill 9006
  • Wind on Federal Lands

Mid-Atlantic Wind Powering America Peer Exchange Meeting

Date: 12/4/2003

Location: Alexandria, Va

Contact: Maryanne Daniel, U.S. DOE

Contact Julie Jones for a copy of the Mid-Atlantic Wind Powering America Peer Exchange Meeting proceedings.