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Upcoming Events in Colorado

2 event(s).

SMART Wind Consortium Composites Subgroup Meeting

Date: 2/16/2015 to 2/18/2015

Location: Denver, CO

Contact: Lauren Glickman

Phone: 504-258-7955

Source: Distributed Wind Energy Association

This information was last updated on November 10, 2014

Funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology, the SMART Wind Consortium will connect more than 80 collaborators to form consensus on near-term and mid-term plans needed to increase cost competitiveness of U.S. distributed wind manufacturers through the use of advanced manufacturing techniques. The Distributed Wind Energy Association, supported by eFormative Options and Wind Advisors Team, is conducting face-to-face meetings and conference calls with members of four consortia subgroups: mechanical subsystems, support structures, electrical subsystems, and composite subsystems.

Each of these consortia groups will include university and laboratory researchers, U.S. distributed wind original equipment manufacturers, manufacturing extension partners, and U.S. component manufacturers. The goal of these meetings is to become acquainted with the interested stakeholders and to brainstorm possible cost-reducing strategies that will lead to evolutionary product and manufacturing improvements.

UVIG 2015 Forecasting Workshop

Date: 2/18/2015 to 2/19/2015

Location: Lakewood, CO

Contact: Sandy Smith

Phone: 865-218-4600, ext. 6141

Source: Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group

Sheraton Denver West Hotel 360 Union Blvd.

This information was last updated on January 02, 2015

This year's seminar will provide attendees with information on how to effectively minimize siting and permitting risks and create conditions that allow facilities to operate in compliance with permit obligations and environmental laws, while maximizing energy output.