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Past Events in Minnesota

2 event(s).

Wind Project Siting in the Great Lakes Region Webinar

Date: 8/13/2009

Location: MN

Contact: Melissa Peterson, Windustry

Phone: (612) 870-3465

10:00 a.m. Central
Attend a free Webinar hosted by Windustry and the Great Lakes Regional Wind Energy Association on Wind Project Siting in the Great Lakes Region.

Laurie Jodziewicz, with the American Wind Energy Association, will be sharing with us the basic steps and considerations within the development process through the construction of the wind project.

Michael Vickerman is the Executive Director of RENEW Wisconsin, a non-profit that promotes clean energy strategies for powering the state's economy in an environmentally responsible manner. In May 2009, RENEW Wisconsin received funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to fund a new project called "Sowing the Seeds for a Bountiful Harvest: Shaping the Rules and Creating the Tools for Wisconsin's Next Generation of Wind Farms." He will share with us his project work and how it can be used as a model to site wind turbines.

Midwest Energy Independence: Taking Ownership

Date: 12/12/2006 to 12/13/2006

Location: St. Paul, MN

Wind Powering America will be hosting an exhibit.
The Midwest Ag Energy Network is gathering 150 to 200 of the leading proponents and builders of energy from agriculture in one place to develop a roadmap to local ownership and Midwest Clean Energy Independence. Ag leaders from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin and Nebraska launched the Midwest Ag Energy Network to unite members behind the goal of building strong rural economies through renewable energy development, advance local ownership and lead the Midwest to energy independence.