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Wind Economic Development Resources and Tools

This page lists wind-related economic development resources and tools such as publications, Web resources, and news.

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Date State Type of Information Program Area Title
3/12/2015 News
Econ. Dev.
A Future for Wind Energy: Energy Department Releases Highly Anticipated Wind Vision Report
4/1/2015 TX Publication
Econ. Dev.
In Texas, Advanced Energy Is Booming
4/24/2015 News
Econ. Dev.
Wind Industry Participates in Joining Forces Initiative
5/1/2015 Publication
Econ. Dev.
2015 Annual Review on Renewable Energy and Jobs
5/18/2015 IL Publication
Econ. Dev.
Clean Jobs Illinois
7/30/2015 Publication
Econ. Dev.
Estimating Renwable Energy Economic Potential in the United States: Methodology and Initial Results
8/1/2015 Publication
Econ. Dev.
JEDI: Jobs and Economic Development Impacts Model Fact Sheet
8/5/2015 Publication
Econ. Dev.
Economic Impacts of Wind Projects: Myths and Facts
8/12/2015 RI Publication
Econ. Dev.
Rhode Island Clean Energy 2015 Industry Report
9/16/2015 News
Econ. Dev.
Energy Department Announces $70 Million for Innovation Institute on Smart Manufacturing
9/28/2015 News
Econ. Dev.
Energy Department's State Energy Program Funds Awards to Advance Northeast Offshore Wind Market
10/6/2015 OK Publication
Econ. Dev.
New Report Outlines Wind Industry Impacts in Oklahoma
11/10/2015 News
Econ. Dev.
Job and Economic Development Impact (JEDI) Model
3/28/2016 Publication
Econ. Dev.
E2: More than 2.5 Million Americans Work in the U.S. Clean Energy Industry
4/1/2016 Publication
Econ. Dev.
Clean Jobs Midwest
4/18/2016 VA Publication
Econ. Dev.
Report: Virginia Offshore Wind Economy Could Employ More than 14,000
5/1/2016 News
Econ. Dev.
Energy and Commerce Departments Announce Lab Partnership Opportunities for U.S. Small Businesses and Manufacturers


Distributed Wind Site Analysis Tool

The Distributed Wind Site Analysis Tool allows users to input location and terrain information about a potential wind system site in the United States and predict the energy output and environmental benefits of that site. The tool is designed to help potential wind energy system consumers choose the most effective site for their wind energy project.

Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool

A Web-based Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool and Guidebook helps utilities and policymakers advance the market for on-site wind generation across the nation. The Web tool's financial model measures the impact of various policy combinations on distributed wind turbine project economics and can be used to rank the "best and worst" state markets for returns on investment for various project scenarios.