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Council of Energy Resource Tribes

Link: Council of Energy Resource Tribes

Since the inception of the Council of Energy Resource Tribes, leaders have dramatically restructured the federal-Indian relationship regarding mineral development on Indian lands and have forged alliances and partnerships with industry. From the beginning, CERT member Tribes maintained complete management of their valuable resources. Tribes continue to participate in all aspects of managing their resources-from negotiating agreements, protecting the environment, realizing the value of water and other resources, to verifying revenue payments.

Tribes gained management oversight of the federal departments charged with responsibility for Indians and energy technical assistance. Led by the U.S. Department of Energy and supported by the Departments of Interior, Health and Human Services Administration for Native Americans, and the Environmental Protection Agency, the inter-agency agreement is a model for multi-Tribal and multi-agency coordination. Tribes are now taking their rightful place in the American system of government and are more able to fulfill their governmental responsibilities. Equally important, Indian Tribes are participating and competing in the American economic marketplace.

This information was last updated on August 09, 2011