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Wyoming Anemometer Loan Program

Wyoming Anemometer Loan Program

Location: WY

The Wyoming State Energy Office ended its Anemometer Loan Program in 2010. It had offered 11, 50-meter anemometer towers, two 30-meter anemometer towers, and one 20-meter anemometer tower for loan.

50-Meter Towers

The 50-meter towers (approximately 162 feet) measure wind resources to determine the feasibility of commercial energy on landowner's site. The system consisted of anemometer, wind direction vanes, data logger, and a 50-meter tower.

The knowledge of the wind power potential empowers the landowner when negotiating with commercial wind developers.

20-Meter and 30-Meter Towers

The 20-meter tower (approximately 65 feet) and the 30-meter tower (approximately 100 feet) are for determining the wind resource for small wind systems.

Responsibilities, Permits, and Data

The landowner was required to obtain any and all permits that may be required. No tower would be installed until necessary permits were acquired and a copy of acquired permit was sent to the Wyoming State Energy Office. Landowners were responsible for contacting their local planning and zoning agencies.

All data collected from the Anemometer is public domain.

The landowner was responsible for the installation fee for the 50-meter tower, there was no installation fee for either a 20-meter or 30-meter. A professional installer (previously approved by the Wyoming State Energy Office) would conduct the installation.

The Wyoming State Energy Office paid for the analysis of the collected wind data by a professional, certified analyst. Once the Wyoming State Energy Office received the data, they in turn would send it to the landowner.

Upon completion of twelve months worth of data collection, the Wyoming State Energy Office made arrangements for removal and relocation of the anemometer.

This information was last updated on November 02, 2011