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G3 LLC Recognized for Restoring Idaho's First Utility-Scale Wind Project

Brian Jackson, Todd Haynes, and Craig Haynes of G3, LLC received WPA's Carpe Ventem Award for their role in restoring the Lewandowski wind turbines. (G3 principals Lars Dorr and Tom Harmon are absent from the photo.)

G3 LLC Recognized for Restoring Idaho's First Utility-Scale Wind Project

Date: 1/17/2007

Location: Boise, ID

Wind Powering America presented the Carpe Ventem (Seize the Wind) Award to G3, LLC for its role in restoring the wind turbines at Idaho's first utility-scale wind farm, Lewandowski Farms, after the death of its founder, Robert Lewandowski.

Lewandowski refurbished and erected three used NEG Micon 108-kW wind turbines on 20 acres of farmland between 2002 and 2005. Lewandowski then negotiated a contract to sell power to Idaho Power Company. Lewandowski passed away unexpectedly in July 2005, and shortly after all three wind turbines ceased operating.

The turbines are highly visible from the nearby highway, and Idaho wind advocates were concerned that the non-operational turbines were conveying the wrong message about the future of Idaho wind power. Lars Dorr, Tim Harmon, Craig Haynes, Todd Haynes, and Brian Jackson formed G3, LLC to facilitate the purchase of Lewandowski Farms and get Idaho's first commercial wind farm back online.

Within one month of purchasing the wind farm, the G3 members successfully returned the three wind turbines to operational status. In the future, the wind turbines will be used for research for industry, government, and university partnerships.

Wind Powering America technical director Larry Flowers presented the award at a ceremony in January 2007. Mr. Lewandowski's widow was in attendance.

This information was last updated on January 26, 2007