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Video: Energy Crossroads: A Burning Need to Change Course

Link: Video: Energy Crossroads: A Burning Need to Change Course

Date: 4/27/2007

Chris Fauchere, producer, Tiroir A Films Productions, explains that "Energy Crossroads" was primarily produced in order to expose the undeniable existing facts about our current energy consumption patterns and their damaging effects on our environment, the global economy, and the geopolitical balance in the world today. It was also intended to bring to light some of the solutions that would ease these destructive consequences.

The film features passionate individuals, entrepreneurs, experts and scientists at the forefront of their field. The following is a list of experts and scientists that appear in the video.

Steve Andrews, ASPO-USA
Lawrence Flowers, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
James Hansen, NASA Institute for Space Studies
Eric Lombardi, Ecocycle
Paul Komor, University of Colorado
Claire Parkinson, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Scott Pugh, Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas in the US
David E. Stuart, University of New Mexico
Randy Udall, Community Office of Resource Efficiency
James White, University of Colorado
Morey Wolson, MW Energy Solutions LLC

Please see the Web site to view a trailer, clips, and to find more information about the full DVD.

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