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Maine Anemometer Loan Program

Maine Anemometer Loan Program

Location: ME

Contact: Shirley Bartlett, Efficiency Maine Program Manager

Phone: 207-287-3318

Since 2007, Maine has run a program that loans out devices that will measure wind speed, known as anemometers. Funded by grants from the Department of Energy, the Anemometer Loan Program directly assists small businesses and communities in Maine by loaning a full set of wind measuring equipment for a year. The program is administered through the Maine State Energy Program and involves University of Maine at Orono (UMO) faculty and students, who install the equipment, collect and analyze the data, and generate a wind resource report for that site. The Wind Turbine Site Survey assesses the potential for small wind projects designed primarily to serve on-site load, as well as larger multi-turbine projects intended to export power. In either case, the facility should have a nameplate capacity of at least 500kW. Eligible participants include Maine-based schools, communities, non-profit organizations and businesses. Residential applications are not eligible.

Installations will be performed only after research is conducted on the site through existing Internet resources — TrueWind and Google Earth, to eliminate sites that are obviously not suitable. UMO plans to use a two-step screening process, first screening applicants using available tools (known wind data, regional wind maps, and geographic features), followed by a site visit. The state currently owns two anemometers with 50 to 70 meter masts and plans to purchase 5 more with DOE ARRA SEP grant funds. The anemometer equipment remains at sites for up to 12 months. Land owners are responsible for the equipment while it is installed at their site as well as for permitting and insurance requirements.

Efficiency Maine plans to develop a Wind Web site where information on wind activities in Maine, including incentive programs, links to technical assistance, and opportunities to participate in a new wind working group will be made available.

This information was last updated on June 25, 2009