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JEDI Wind Model Revision: Results Consistent With On-The-Ground Data

JEDI Wind Model Revision: Results Consistent With On-The-Ground Data

Date: 12/9/2008

Wind Powering America has completed a new release of the JEDI Wind model, version W1.08.03. This version has updated default values based on an extensive survey of on-the-ground reported impacts, such as current cost data, job data, and tax data. There are also usability enhancements.

Overall project costs and the distribution of project costs have been revised, reflecting recent changes in capital costs, productivity improvements, and changing industry practices. The model now contains updated construction and O&M labor ratios (number of workers) based on current industry averages. The multiplier data is 2006 data from the Minnesota IMPLAN Group, reflecting the most recent data available from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

State specific tax estimates are included for most states. These are based on surveys of existing wind farms and state tax policy. Default construction and operations period labor costs and payroll parameters (including average wage per hour) now automatically adjust in accordance with state industry job and earnings ratios. Default project construction and O&M cost factors now reflect economies of scale, accounting for increased construction and operating efficiencies observed as individual projects increase in size.

To make the model easier to use, we have added more information to on-screen comments, automatic "pop-ups," and additions to the FAQ section. We have redefined the direct and indirect impacts to be more intuitive and more consistent with traditional input-output reporting conventions.

You can download the JEDI Wind Model or read more information about the revisions on the Wind Powering America Web site.

This information was last updated on December 09, 2008