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Wind Energy Update and Social Acceptance Analysis in the United States

File: Wind Energy Update and Social Acceptance Analysis in the United States

Date: 3/20/2009

Contact: Eric Lantz, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Phone: (303) 384-7418

Source: Presented at the IEA Task 28: Working Group Meeting II, Magdeburg, Germany.

The presentation begins with a slide showing that U.S. wind power capacity was up 50 percent in 2008. Installed wind capacity difference is shown between a 1999 map of the United States compared to a 2008 year-end installed wind capacity map. Additional milestones are discussed such as 20 percent by 2030 report, new political leadership, etc. U.S. wind industry is not immune from the financial crisis; current market outlook and policy support is discussed. Property values research studies are discussed. The conclusion is that isolated cases may exist, but there are no significant trends either positive or negative indicating that wind facilities change the value of homes located around or near them. Public perceptions are discussed showing supporters' top three issues and opponents' top three issues. A case study in Wisconsin outlines what factors facilitate wind development and how strict ordinances can be used to prohibit wind energy.

This information was last updated on March 24, 2009