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Video Documenting Installation Process of the Pocatello Community Charter School, Idaho, Wind Turbine

Video Documenting Installation Process of the Pocatello Community Charter School, Idaho, Wind Turbine

Date: 12/11/2009

Location: Pocatello, ID

This is the text version for the video. Time: 00:08:58

The video opens with a photo of the Pocatello Community Charter School

Photo of the school with a solar panel on an entryway. The solar panel was added in 2007.

Photo of a woman holding a "Pubic Notice" sign. It is the first permit for a wind turbine in Pocatello.

Photo of the wind turbine's nacelle and blades in boxes from Southwest Windpower.

Photo of the wind turbine tower arriving on the back of a semi truck trailer.

Photo of Brady marking the gas and power lines to avoid while digging.

STRATA and ProBuilders begin soil analysis.

Photo of two men measuring soil conditions.

Photo of large digging equipment being used to dig deep to fully analyze the soil.

Rocky Mountain Engineering and Surveying provided blueprints for the foundation.

Payne Engineering provided blueprints for wiring.

Ted (Booth Architecture), Rodger (R & S Construction) and Jeremy (Rocky Mountain) look at blueprints.

Ron (Dykman Construction, Inc—DCI) and Rodger pinpoint the foundation location.

Digging begins.

A photo of the backhoe operator.

Workers assess the hole to see how close they are to the needed eight feet.

A man stands in the large cylindrical hole that the backhoe operator carved.

Jesse compacts the fill dirt that was added for support.

A photo of a dog panting as workers continue in the background.

A Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant kick-stared the project.

Photos of workers enjoying time off.

Conduit is "stubbed" out the side of the hole for the electrical wires to come later.

Jason and Heath from DCI assemble the foundation bolt kit.

A frame is added on top of the hole to keep the foundation base centered while concrete is poured.

A photo of the Pocatello Building Department's vehicle. The city has to inspect the project along the way.

A photo of the inspector at the site.

Pocatello Ready Mix arrives with concrete.

Workers and students watch the concrete pour.

Concrete begins to fill the foundation hole.

A photo of the hole almost full of concrete.

Jason and Heath smooth and slope the concrete cap.

After the concrete is smoothed, the crew waits for it to cure.

Tim, in red, former PCCS student and Eagle Scout, organizes a work project.

Workers clear weeds and grasses while the tower waits laying in the grass.

A photo of a backhoe digging a trench. Underground wiring will go from the turbine to the school.

Workers look for the conduit stubs next to the foundation while the backhoe begins to dig.

The stubs are located.

Photo of the long curvy trench. The trench is ready for the conduit and wires.

Ralph with Intermountain Electric prepares the panel box.

Ralph pulls wires through the tower while it is still laying on the ground.

Ralph energizes the nacelle.

Pocatello student council members assemble the blades.

Boise State University student, Ken, helps with the blades.

Students tighten the bolts.

A photo of the students holding the blade assembly.

A photo of the students and blade assembly laying on the ground. The blades are slightly taller than the student council members.

Parent volunteer, Rick, and Mark from Idaho National Laboratory level the foundation.

Workers and a student chisel away bits of concrete during leveling.

Workers and a student check bolt threads.

A photo of the crane and bucket truck from H & H Utility.

A photo of the crane moving the tower. Ruben guides the tower, with its wires ready, as the crane moves it.

Workers carry the heavy nacelle and wire it.

A photo of two students applying a special coating to bolts. Bolts that attach to the nacelle to the tower need a special coating.

A photo of Dr. Martin supervising the installation.

A photo of the tower and nacelle. Getting ready for the blade assembly.

A photo of students carrying the blade assembly to the nacelle and tower and winding the blade assembly to the nacelle.

Todd from Boise State inspects the blade/nacelle assembly.

Workers verify the nose attachment with instructions.

A photo of workers threading wires from the tower through the conduit.

A photo of the installation and Sandy from Renaissance Engineering and Design (red hat) explaining the installation to two students.

Photos of a crane lifting the wind turbine and tower into place.

A photo of workers guiding and setting the tower.

Workers tighten the bolts while Rick in the background keeps the blades stable.

A photo of Mark connecting the wires from the tower to the wires in the trench.

A photo of workers in the bucket preparing to install a sensing antenna.

A photo of Ruben in the bucket removing the ropes from the erect turbine that helped transport the tower.

A photo of Ken in the bucket at the nacelle attaching the antenna.

A photo of Ralph and L.D. from Big Dog Internet verifying their electrical work as they see the meter move.

A photo of a worker standing back admiring the installed wind turbine.

A photo of additional project sponsors (Sierra Club and Nordic Windpower) who provided significant support.

A photo of Jeremy from SignUp who made their project sign.

A photo of Mrs. Kurtz' husband, Gene, installing the sign on the school building.

A photo of the t-shirts made by Teton Tiedye and Falling Rock Productions.

A photo of the back of the t-shirts. Sponsors are listed.

Photos of kids and parents pulling weeds to prepare for the dedication.

Eagle Scout project volunteers clear weeds and grasses for slate benches.

A photo of Mrs. Welch carrying a large bag of weeds that she pulled.

A photo of the school with students raking and cleaning in preparation for the dedication.

A crowd gathers for the ribbon cutting and dedication.

A photo of a woman playing a guitar. Kids sang the lyrics to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

A photo of Lowe's employees. Lowe's led the ranks of the project's sponsor "thank yous."

Emma and Susannah cut the ribbon while the Pocatello Chiefs and Mayor Roger Chase observe.

A photo of a bulletin board in the school. Energy education begins with a documentation bulletin board.

A photo of a map of the United States. This wind farm map will soon be out of date because wind power is growing so fast.

A photo of the Pocatello SkyStream Wind Turbine Web site. It provides the wind turbine data and charts online.

A photo of a haiku board with a picture of a wind turbine and the sun in the main hall of the school.

A photo of a wind turbine coloring project by student. It says, "Towering Flower. Shining pedals in the sky. I'm a wind turbine."

A photo of another wind turbine coloring project by a student. It says, " The Wind Turbine Parts. Turbines have these parts. The nacelle is the big brain. The tower and blades."

A photo of librarian Mrs. Schmidt holding signed books donated by the author's company, Mortenson Construction. Mortenson also provided a song to accompany the book.

An aerial photo of a group of people standing underneath the installed SkyStream wind turbine.

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