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Energy-Water Webcast

Energy-Water Webcast

Date: 4/27/2010

As most of you know, water and energy are intimately connected. The most recent issue of National Geographic was dedicated to the world's water problems and future challenges. In the United States, the water issue is not just important in the Southwest, but also the Midwest, the upper Great Plains, the Great Lakes, and the Southeast. With the growing population requiring more electricity generation (and water for cooling) and municipal water supplies, as well as the new ethanol water demand and extended drought, the agricultural industry finds itself at the bottom of the water "food chain" ("water runs uphill to money"). Not only an inconvenient, but exacerbating, truth is that the climate change models are suggesting significant impacts on future U.S. water supplies, in amounts, locations, timing, and form.

During this Webcast, we looked at two recent related water analyses: water impacts of climate change (Brad Udall, director of the CU-NOAA Western Water Assessment Project) and the value of water (Stacey Tellinghausen, Western Resource Advocates).

Audio and text versions of the Webinar are available (WMV 20.3 MB) Download Windows Media Player. Time: 01:06:11. Text Version.

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