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Arkansas Anemometer Loan Program

Arkansas Anemometer Loan Program

Date: 5/15/2009

Location: AR

Phone: (501) 682-7678

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission's Energy Office and the Renewable Energy Department at John Brown University have partnered to develop an anemometer loan program designed to allow land owners in Arkansas to measure wind energy potential.

Through the program, selected participants will borrow wind measurement instrumentation to conduct a one-year measurement study on their site. Faculty and students from the Renewable Energy Program at John Brown University will install the equipment and monitor the data. They will also develop a wind resource analysis for each participant at the end of the measurement period. Once the one-year measurement period is completed and the data is collected, the equipment will then be relocated to other selected participants.

Funding for the Arkansas Anemometer Loan Program comes from both the State of Arkansas and the Department of Energy's Wind Powering America initiative.

The Arkansas Anemometer Loan Program is not currently operating.

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