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Regional Wind Powering America Meeting: Southwest

Regional Wind Powering America Meeting: Southwest

Date: 3/14/2011

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Contact: Corrie Christol, NREL

Phone: (303) 384-7110

Embassy Suites Convention Center

Southwest Regional Wind Powering America Meeting Proceedings
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As the 3-year Wind Powering America priority state activities end and similar federal funding for medium- and low-priority states transitions to regional outreach activities, the U.S. Department of Energy's Wind and Water Power Program and Wind Powering America hosted a series of 1-day meetings at strategic locations around the country. State representatives, Wind Working Group members, and other interested stakeholders were invited to attend and share experiences. Through these events, Wind Powering America staff and participants identified lingering deployment barriers, prioritized these barriers, and then worked in small groups to review successful approaches and discuss potential approaches to address the barriers identified.

The meeting allowed wind stakeholders from each region to meet and discuss approaches to address the most pressing market barriers, learn from experiences in other states, and help build regional collaboration. Wind Powering America will also use the meeting results to help plan the Wind Powering America Annual All-States Summit and future program activities.

Additional meetings were planned in the following locations: