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Siting, Sizing, and Other Considerations for Distributed Wind

Siting, Sizing, and Other Considerations for Distributed Wind

Date: 3/15/2011

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) Small Wind Division hosted a webinar to provide a general overview of small wind technology and 12-step program for a small wind project, covering topics including zoning, interconnection, and the economics of small wind.

Small wind turbines are wind turbines with a rated capacity up through 100 kW. Used for a diverse range of applications, small wind turbine technology has grown at a rapid pace becoming more readily available for consumers and the general public. Whether used to display environmental commitment, or to offset energy costs, small wind turbines have the potential to make meaningful contributions to energy security, strategic technology, and long-term economic growth in the United States.

Trudy Forsyth, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, presented Siting, Sizing, and Other Considerations for Distributed Wind. Trudy has worked in the wind technology field since 1994 as a leader of NREL's distributed wind turbine projects. Since 1995, she coordinated efforts between NREL's National Wind Technology Center technical staff and U.S. manufacturers for designing new small wind turbines and testing new prototypes. Her work at NREL is also focused on midsize wind turbines.

Trudy serves on a number of U.S. Boards and Committees in support of distributed wind including the Small Wind Certification Council, the American Solar Energy Society and the ASES Small Wind Division, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and on the steering committee for Women of Wind Energy. She is also the secretary for an international group of small turbine experts who revised the International Electrotechnical Commission Small Wind Turbine Safety standard (61400-2).

Trudy has authored and co-authored technical conference papers on small wind turbines, their design features, economics, and commonalities in the U.S. marketplace between PV and small wind. She has given numerous presentations to both international audiences and the general public on distributed wind technology, economics, and applications.

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