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Missouri Anemometer Loan Program

Missouri Anemometer Loan Program

Date: 12/1/2002

Location: MO

From 2002 to 2010, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Energy Center's Anemometer Loan Program was part of an effort to help Missouri landowners make informed decisions about the siting and use of wind turbines. The program allowed participants to borrow anemometers and the equipment needed for installation, so they could measure the wind resource. The state had a fleet of ten, 20-meter towers and conducted wind energy assessments at 37 locations. The Missouri Anemometer Loan Project ended in 2010.

Tall Tower Wind Study

Missouri also conducted a tall tower wind study (up to 150 meters), operated by the University of Missouri's Atmospheric Sciences Department led by Dr. Neil Fox. The tall tower wind study completed its initial phase and is no longer formally in progress. An interim data report is available and more information about each of the turbines is available on the website (scroll to the bottom of the page). A complete year of data has been collected at 11 sites and six of these have two or more years of data. However, there is still data being collected at a number of sites. Data and reports are available from Dr. Fox on request. Phone: (573) 882-2144.

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