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Idaho Anemometer Loan Program

Link: Idaho Anemometer Loan Program

Date: 3/1/2001

Location: ID

Between 2001 and 2009, the Idaho Anemometer Loan Program loaned 14 anemometers to parties in Idaho. The anemometers were 20-meter NRG Wind Explorer units. The loan was through a no-cost lease to the borrowing party. The lessee got to use of the anemometer for a minimum period of one year. The lessee was responsible for installing and returning the anemometer. Lessees sent in their data chips to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), which analyzed the data, posted it on the INL website, and returned the data chip to the lessee. Reports and data are available on the website. While the loan program is not longer funded, INL staff provide some regional wind energy technical support in relation to its other wind projects.

Key Partners

Idaho Office of Energy Resources, Idaho National Laboratory, Bonneville Power Administration


Kurt Myers
INL - Renewable Energy and Power Technologies
Phone: 208-526-5022

Dick Stroh
Agricultural Engineer
Bonneville Power Administration
Phone: 208-612-3154

Jason Bush, INL
Phone: 208-526-7189

Jake Gentle, INL
Phone: 208-526-1753

Tom Baldwin, INL
Phone: 208-526-1864

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