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North Carolina Solar Center Raises Wind Turbine for Student Workshop

North Carolina Solar Center Raises Wind Turbine for Student Workshop

Date: 11/21/2003

Location: NC

The NC Solar Center installed the first wind turbine on the NC State University (NCSU) campus. The 1,000-Watt turbine from Bergey Windpower sits atop a 104-foot tower and will supply power to the adjoining NCSU Solar House and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Facility.

The raising and installation of the turbine was part of a student training workshop led by the Solar Center's PV and Wind Program Manager, Shawn Fitzpatrick. Seven NCSU students, three Appalachian State University (ASU) students, and three James Madison University students/staff attended the workshop focused on training future wind technology professionals. Solar Center graduate assistant Christine Maurer found the workshop an "empowering experience where in one day we were able to install a turbine that takes the wind around us and converts it into usable energy." The workshop was also successful in furthering collaboration between the Solar Center and ASU, partners in the North Carolina Anemometer Loan Program, funded by the Department of Energy through the NC State Energy Office. The Anemometer Loan Program is designed to help potential wind energy users to measure their site-specific wind potential.

The mission of the NC Solar Center is to advance the use of renewable energy resources to ensure a sustainable economy that protects our natural environment, encourages energy independence, and lowers energy costs for consumers. "Recently, the Solar Center's mission of outreach and education has taken major steps forward with the addition of the AFV facility and the Bergey turbine," explained Shawn Fitzpatrick. "It is great that we can clearly demonstrate and research wind, solar, biomass, alternative fuels and green building technologies all in one place now."

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