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North Carolina Anemometer Loan Programs

North Carolina Anemometer Loan Programs

Location: NC

North Carolina Coastal Anemometer Loan Program

The North Carolina Solar Center's Coastal Anemometer Loan Program is part of an effort to increase the use of wind generated renewable electricity by North Carolina residents by allowing them to scientifically assess their wind resource. The program has collected data from over 10 sites over the past six years. Data and reports from these sites can be downloaded from the website.The anemometer systems will be loaned to municipalities and schools in eastern North Carolina that are interested in pursuing community wind development projects (sites will be pre-screened for adequate wind resources based on NREL wind map data).

Administered by the North Carolina Solar Center and funded by the Department of Energy, Wind Powering America Initiative, the State Energy Office, North Carolina Department of Commerce, as well as the State of North Carolina.

Western North Carolina Anemometer Loan Program

The Western North Carolina Anemometor Loan Program is an effort to increase the use of small scale wind power in the southern Appalachian region. This program loans and installs wind resource measurement equipment to landowners with the potential of harvesting wind energy in order to assist in initial resource assessment and to verify the North Carolina wind map.


Dennis Scanlin, Appalachian State University

(828) 262-6361

This information was last updated on January 19, 2010