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Wind Stakeholder Interview: Boulder Community Hospital

Photo of David P. Gehant

David P. Gehant, President/CEO, Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder, Colorado.

Wind Stakeholder Interview: Boulder Community Hospital

Date: 3/1/2002

Location: Boulder, CO

"A healthy environment is the cornerstone of a healthy community. To promote health and wellness in our community, Boulder Community Hospital strongly supports green initiatives like Windsource by purchasing wind energy." David P. Gehant, President/CEO, Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder, Colorado.

At Boulder Community Hospital, respect for the environment is a core value. We believe sustaining a healthy environment is essential to maintaining public health. Our employees, patients, and the larger Boulder community have a strong environmental ethic, and we do our part to reduce waste, encourage alternative transportation, and use energy efficiently.

The hospital's doctors, nurses, and other employees began informally recycling, reusing, and reducing more than a decade ago. Over the years, those voluntary activities and informal programs became part of our hospital culture. When our hospital's administrative team and board of directors established recycling and other environmental activities as "official" hospital policy, the commitment and dedication of our employees grew rapidly. Today, Boulder Community Hospital has a wide-ranging Environmental Impact Program that helps us stay focused on being an environmentally conscious hospital.

In May of 2001, our board of directors reaffirmed their commitment to these programs and committed to limiting the use of nonrenewable resources, reducing emissions of toxic substances, and encouraging alternative modes of transportation.

The hospital has been recognized as a leader on environmental issues in the health care industry, receiving the Overall Recycler of the Year Award from Colorado Recycles in 2001, Clean Air Colorado's Corporate Alliance for Better Air Award in 1995, and participating in EPA's Energy Star Program for many years.

We are currently the only hospital in Colorado to purchase wind power. The hospital signed a contract to join Xcel Energy's Windsource Program in 1999. It was a logical step for us, given our commitment to reducing emissions and using renewable resources. The purchase of wind energy prevents the emissions of 960,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, the environmental equivalent of planting 200 acres of trees. In addition to the hospital's purchase, employees have been encouraged to purchase wind power for their own homes.

Boulder Community Hospital plans to continue developing innovative approaches to reducing waste and pollution. We recently began construction on a new satellite campus, Boulder Community Foothills Hospital, where we are working hard to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards for energy efficiency. We also plan to purchase wind power for that site. Our expectation is that this facility will be the first hospital in the country to achieve LEED certification when it opens in the summer of 2003.

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