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Wind Energy Myths Fact Sheet

Wind Energy Myths Fact Sheet

File: Wind Energy Myths Fact Sheet

Date: 5/1/2005

The two-page fact sheet discusses these topics.

  1. Wind energy is more expensive than conventional energy.
  2. Wind energy requires a production tax credit (PTC) to achieve these economics.
  3. The production tax credit and accelerated depreciation are helpful only to big, out-of-state developers. The economic benefits aren't local, and rural electric cooperatives and municipal utilities can't receive the same benefits.
  4. Wind energy is unpredictable and must be "backed up" by conventional generation.
  5. If wind energy displaces energy from existing coal plants, then rates will go up.
  6. New natural gas power plants provide cheaper energy than wind plants.
  7. Large, utility-grade wind turbines can't be installed on the distribution grid without expensive upgrades and power-quality issues.
  8. Small projects that might be suitable for co-ops or small municipal utilities are not economical.
  9. Wind turbines kill birds and thus have serious environmental impacts.
  10. Wind turbines are noisy.

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