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Lessons Learned Archives - 2012

The practical experience of communities, individuals, schools, and businesses provides invaluable insight into wind energy deployment. Stories captured in this series cover topics including turbine installation, site assessment, developing county ordinances for wind energy, repowering wind farms, developing and delivering wind energy- related curricula to students, and landing a job in the industry. Here you will find archives of lessons learned from 2012.

September 05, 2012

Camden Hills Regional High School's WindPlanners: Wind Powering America Lessons Learned

A group of 100 students over 8 years conducted research, secured school board permission and town permits, and raised $500,000 to install a wind turbine on their campus.

July 23, 2012

Illinois Wind for Schools Program: Wind Powering America Lessons Learned

The U.S. Energy Department's Wind for Schools project developed an affiliate program to allow states or schools that do not receive direct funding to become involved, the model that Illinois enacted.

January 30, 2012

August Cellars Wind Turbine Installation: Wind Powering America Lessons Learned

The 50-kilowatt turbine is expected to generate approximately 65% of the winery's electrical needs. Wind Powering America interviewed the facility manager in August 2011 to learn more about this project.