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Date State Program Area Title
9/16/2015 White House Launches Climate Action Champions Initiative
9/30/2015 Federal Energy Management Program Launches New Training Series
11/2/2015 Southeast Wind Industry Supply Chain Assets Highlighted in New Online Map
11/2/2015 Global Atlas for Renewable Energy
11/2/2015 RE-Powering Electronic Decision Tree Tool
9/2/2015 Wind Development Helping Rural Montana Economy
5/14/2015 Wind Industry Adopts Voluntary Protocol to Reduce Bat Impacts
9/1/2015 Native Americans
Energy Department Issues Tribal Climate Change Report, $6 Million for Native American Clean Energy Projects
9/16/2015 Energy Department Announces New Actions to Spur Clean Energy Manufacturing Growth and Innovation
11/23/2015 Policy
Administration Announces New Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets for Federal Agencies
11/23/2015 Energy Department Announces Two Wind Energy Projects through Partnership with Israel
3/12/2015 Econ. Dev.
A Future for Wind Energy: Energy Department Releases Highly Anticipated Wind Vision Report
3/23/2015 Schools
NREL Developers Make Wind Datasets Accessible
3/30/2015 Agricultural
Small Wind
REAP Funding: When, Where, and How to Apply
4/6/2015 New Interactive Map Shows Promising Potential for America's Wind Energy Future
4/20/2015 Schools
Renewable Energy Educators: Apply by May 1 for 2015 REcharge Academies Scholarships
4/20/2015 How Permitting, Zoning Issues Differ for Distributed Wind
4/14/2015 Energy Department Announces New Projects to Help Protect Wildlife at Wind Energy Plants
4/7/2015 Public Comment Period Open for Draft Climate Change Report
5/4/2015 Boise State University Wins Collegiate Wind Competition 2015
5/6/2015 Energy Secretary Moniz Promotes U.S. Energy System Upgrade on Daily Show
4/24/2015 Econ. Dev.
Wind Industry Participates in Joining Forces Initiative
5/19/2015 Energy Department Releases Report, Evaluates Potential for Wind Power in All 50 States
5/19/2015 WINDExchange Summit Participants Learn More about Wind Industry's Status, Successes, and Challenges
5/14/2015 Energy Department Releases Request for Information on Offshore Wind Strategy
5/18/2015 Energy Department Launches New Wind Technology Resource Center
5/26/2015 Governors Ask Congress to Renew PTC
5/29/2015 Local Ownership Provides Local Benefits with Community Wind Projects
1/30/2015 Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
Wind Energy Development Beneficial to Rural Oklahoma Communities
1/15/2015 New Maps, Fact Sheets Reveal an 82,000-Plus-Megawatt Opportunity in the Southeast
3/9/2015 Small Wind
DWEA SMART Wind Consortium to Host Final Subgroup Kickoff March 26
2/11/2015 Econ. Dev.
New Model Demonstrates Offshore Wind Industry's Job Growth Potential
2/18/2015 Schools
Energy Department Announces 2016 Collegiate Wind Competition Participants
2/10/2015 Obama Administration Announces Clean Energy Innovation Initiative
12/29/2014 Agricultural
USDA Announces Funding for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects
2/23/2015 Small Wind
Interstate Turbine Advisory Council Adds Certified Turbine to Unified List
2/23/2015 Schools
KidWind Project Announces 2015 REcharge Academies
2/26/2015 Public Power
Energy Department Names Two Colorado-based Electric Cooperatives as Wind Cooperatives of the Year for 2014
2/27/2015 Agricultural
Small Wind
Small Wind Education Helps Consumers Avoid Mistakes
12/6/2010 Policy
NREL Publishes U.S. Green Power Marketing Status Report
1/31/2011 Open Energy Information Site Compiles Energy Data
12/15/2010 Econ. Dev.
NREL Launches Renewable Energy Projects Financing Web Site
3/1/2011 Regional Wind Powering America Meetings Are Coming to a City Near You
5/9/2011 WPA Hosts Six Regional Meetings to Garner Stakeholder Feedback on Wind Deployment Barriers: A Wind Powering America Success Story
4/12/2011 Wind Powering America to Publish Regional Meeting Reports
5/3/2011 New 80-m Wind Resource Maps Available for Alaska, Hawaii, and the United States
4/30/2011 Policy
State Support for Clean Energy Deployment: Lessons Learned for Potential Future Policy
5/22/2011 DOE Wind Energy Program Newsletter Debuts at AWEA's WINDPOWER Conference
3/1/2011 Schools
ETA Announces $40 Million in Green Jobs Grants
3/11/2011 Public Power
DOE Honors Minnkota Power Cooperative with 2010 Wind Cooperative of the Year Award
2/9/2011 Policy
Cost of Renewable Energy Spreadsheet Tool Now Available
7/21/2011 Schools
DOE Announces Funding for Nationwide Student Clean Energy Business Competitions
6/30/2011 Schools
DOE Announces Grants for Energy Technology Conferences, Workshops with Student Participation
8/12/2011 Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
Wind Power has the Ability to Maintain Rural Communities
8/12/2011 DesAutels Moving to Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement
7/20/2011 Governors' Coalition Urges President Obama to Support Nation's Wind Energy Potential
8/16/2011 Schools
Wind Powering America Updates Maps of Educational Programs and Schools
8/30/2011 Record Hill Wind Project Receives DOE Loan Guarantee, Moves Forward: A Wind Powering America Success Story
8/17/2011 Agricultural
Small Wind
USDA Announces $11.6 Million in Rural Energy for America Program Funding Awards
9/25/2012 Wind Powering America Produces Newsletter Postcard
9/1/2011 Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
Studies Prove the Economic Boost that Comes from Wind Energy Development
8/29/2011 Agricultural
Public Power
Agriculture Secretary Announces Smart Grid, Transmission System Improvements
9/13/2011 Native Americans
NMAI and Tribes Launch Environmental Website
9/8/2011 Department of Energy Awards $43 Million to Spur Offshore Wind Energy
9/27/2011 Wind Powering America Welcomes New DOE Program Lead Jonathan Bartlett
7/18/2011 Startup America Initiative Offers Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
7/18/2011 Schools
Wind Powering America Updates Map of Community Colleges Offering Wind Energy Programs
6/20/2011 Public Lands
Environmental Law Institute Publishes Two Wind Siting Studies
6/23/2011 DOE's State Energy Program Announces Grant Opportunities for State Energy Offices
7/5/2011 Schools
Skystream 3.7 Turbine Available at Home Depot Locations
7/5/2011 Schools
School Wind Turbine Installations Map Updated
7/5/2011 Public Power
Clean Coalition Publishes Local CLEAN Program Guide
6/7/2011 WPA Convenes 10th Annual All-States Summit: A Wind Powering America Success Story
6/7/2011 Wind Powering America Team Presents 2011 Awards at All-States Summit
6/15/2011 Agricultural
Small Wind
Want to Incorporate Renewables on the Farm? Consider the Energy Pyramid
6/20/2011 Agricultural
USDA Rural Energy Assistance Program Grant Opportunity Announced
6/20/2011 Native Americans
Econ. Dev.
Economic Development Administration Funding Opportunity Announced
11/22/2011 Siting
New Database Assists with Wind Project Siting
12/6/2011 Update: U.S. Department of Energy Wind Program Funding Awards
12/6/2011 Atlantic Wind Energy Workshop Report, Presentations Available
10/25/2011 Schools
Wind Powering America Updates Interactive Maps
10/11/2011 Nationwide Utility Rates Available on OpenEI
11/2/2011 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Wind Energy Has A Lot Riding on Programs up for Debate in Congress
9/30/2011 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool and Guidebook
11/7/2011 Native Americans
DOE Tribal Energy Program Seeks Native American Students for 2012 Summer Internships
1/3/2012 Agricultural
Small Wind
Keys to Local Wind Energy Development Success
1/16/2012 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Distributed Wind Site Analysis Tool
1/16/2012 Agricultural
Small Wind
Small Wind Certification Council Issues First Turbine Certifications
1/17/2012 Public Lands
BLM Seeks Comments for Competitive Leasing of Wind Energy on Public Lands
1/31/2012 Agricultural
Small Wind
USDA Issues Rural Energy for America Program Solicitation of Applications
1/31/2012 Siting
Independent Expert Science Panel Releases Report on Potential Health Effects of Wind Turbines
1/31/2012 Schools
KidWind Project Announces 2012 Wind Senators Program
2/13/2012 Agricultural
Renewable Energy for America Program Important, Beneficial Aspect of Farm Bill for Nation
2/16/2012 Native Americans
Tribal Clean Energy Projects to Receive $6.5 Million from U.S. Department of Energy
3/8/2012 DOE Funds Consensus Building Institute to Host Facilitating Wind Energy Siting Workshop: A Wind Powering America Success Story
3/1/2012 DOE Announces $180 Million for Deployment of Offshore Wind Projects
3/1/2012 Econ. Dev.
LBNL/NREL Analysis Predicts Record Low LCOE for Wind Energy in 2012-2013
3/20/2012 Speak Up To Protect Successful Renewable Energy for America Program
2/14/2012 Wind Powering America Updates Wind Maps Section on Website
2/14/2012 Agricultural
USDA Launches Energy Website
7/20/2012 Great Lakes Wind Collaborative Blog Post Highlights Positive Wind Energy Research Studies
7/31/2012 Clean Energy States Alliance Launches New Offshore Wind Works Website
6/25/2012 Agricultural
USDA REAP Funds 450 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects
7/24/2012 Small Wind
NABCEP Seeks Input from Small Wind Industry
7/24/2012 Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Wind Power Use No-Brainer for Hotel Owner
8/16/2012 Gemini Energy Services Expands Its Workforce by Hiring Military Veterans: A Wind Powering America Success Story
8/28/2012 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Web-Based Tool Updated to Aid in Evaluating Best Use of Incentive Dollars
8/28/2012 Siting
Mapping Tool Helps Wind Energy Companies Screen Early for Critical Habitat, Potential Wildlife Impacts
8/15/2012 New England Wind Projects Map Updated
8/7/2012 Public Lands
Army Announces $7 Billion Action to Support Renewable Energy
9/25/2012 Schools
DOE Wind Program Funds University of Wisconsin-Madison Wind Workforce Development Efforts: A Wind Powering America Success Story
5/21/2012 Peer-Reviewed Offshore Wind Fact Sheets Available
5/21/2012 Siting
U.S. EPA Launches Innovative New Tools to Determine Solar and Wind Energy Potential on Contaminated Lands
5/1/2012 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Do Your Part in Securing a Sustainable Renewable Energy Future for America
4/24/2012 Updated Installed Wind Capacity Map Available
6/5/2012 WINDPOWER 2012 Launches with a Strong Push for Continuing the Production Tax Credit
6/5/2012 DOE, NREL Launch Interactive Map for Utility Customers
5/22/2012 Wind Powering America Publishes 30-Meter Wind Resource Maps
6/16/2012 Wind Powering America Team Presents 2012 Awards at All-States Summit
6/19/2012 Schools
Energy Department Assists with Wind Industry Training for Military Veterans
6/19/2012 Public Power
Energy Department Honors Minnesota and California Utilities with 2012 Public Power Wind Awards
2/29/2008 Wind Powering America 2007 Activities Summary
10/30/2007 Public Power
Sacramento Municipal Utility District Wins DOE Wind Power Pioneer Award
3/15/2007 Small Wind
Department of Energy Issues Best Practices for Interconnection Procedures
4/27/2007 Video: Energy Crossroads: A Burning Need to Change Course
1/29/2015 Schools
Careers in Wind Energy
6/26/2007 Schools
Renewable Energy Jobs
6/15/2007 Native Americans
Intertribal Council On Utility Policy and the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Receive World Clean Energy Award for Their Wind Power Development Plan
5/12/2008 DOE Report Analyzes a Path to Reaching 20% Wind Power by 2030
12/9/2008 Econ. Dev.
JEDI Wind Model Revision: Results Consistent With On-The-Ground Data
2/19/2010 New Wind Resource Maps and Wind Potential Estimates for the United States
8/3/2010 Energy 101: Wind Turbines (Video)
6/30/2010 DOE Breaks Down Market Barriers with Online Technology Commercialization Portal
8/4/2010 Siting
Polar Wind Power Research: A Wind Powering America Success Story
8/6/2010 Schools
Department of Energy Seeks Input on its Energy Education and Technical Training Efforts
4/7/2010 Schools
Wind Powering America Releases New Online Tools
6/22/2010 Public Power
Nebraska Public Power District and Princeton Municipal Light Department Receive 2010 Public Power Wind Award
1/18/2002 Nantucket Sound Wind Farm Gets Warm Island Reception
Small Wind
Small Wind Newsletter
8/9/2011 Small Wind
Small Wind News from IREC
11/10/2015 Econ. Dev.
Job and Economic Development Impact (JEDI) Model
3/10/2002 Public Power
Great River Energy Wins National Recognition for Wind Power Program
5/22/2003 Some Common Misconceptions About Wind Power
4/2/2012 Wind Powering America Update
9/1/2004 Agricultural
September 2004 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Improvement Grants
3/22/2007 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
2007 Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA) Inviting Applications for Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Grants and Guaranteed Loans
3/19/2007 Small Wind
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to Test Small Wind Turbines
5/1/2006 Announcement of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) Opportunity for a Large-Scale Blade Test Facility Partnership
5/22/2006 Public Power
Utility Wind Integration Group Issues Assessment of Integration of Wind into Utility Power Systems
8/30/2006 Agricultural
USDA Announces $17.5 Million Investment in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
4/1/2006 State Wind Working Groups Facilitate Wind Energy Growth