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Date State Program Area Title
6/3/2013 ME University of Maine Launches First U.S. Grid-Connected Offshore Wind Turbine
11/7/2014 ME Conference Participants Explore Island Energy Challenges and Innovative Solutions
10/6/2014 ME Maine Fair Powered by Wind
1/18/2015 ME New York Times Article Features Maine Island Grids, Community Engagement
4/20/2015 ME Islanded Grid Resource Center Hosts Exchange Trip
11/23/2015 ME University of Maine Dedicates Ocean Engineering Lab for Wind Energy Testing
11/16/2015 ME Energy Department Commits Additional Funding to Maine, Lake Erie Offshore Wind Projects
3/1/2016 MD Maryland Public Service Commission Opens Application Period for Offshore Wind Projects
11/17/2014 MD Agricultural
Small Wind
Maryland Windswept Grant Program Applications Due December 15
8/19/2014 MD BOEM Auctions 80,000 Acres Off the Maryland Coast for Wind Energy Development
12/28/2006 MD Schools
Small Wind
Maryland Partners to Build a Demonstration Scale Solar-Wind Project
8/15/2007 MA Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort Wind Turbine
5/20/2008 MA New England Interview: Brian Fairbank, President and CEO, Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort
9/27/2010 MA Public Power
New England Interview: John Norden, Manager of Renewable Resource Integration, Independent System Operator - New England
11/10/2005 MA Wind Power Advocate Interview: Jim Manwell, University of Massachusetts
11/7/2006 MA Public Power
Hull, Massachusetts Wins DOE Wind Power Pioneer Award: Boston Suburb Has A Long History of Using Wind Power
3/1/2011 MA More Than 500 People Attend Wind Webinars Hosted by NEWEEP and WPA
12/20/2010 MA New England Wind Forum Team Updates Project Map
6/3/2011 MA Siting
New England Interview: A Panel of Seven Offer Insight into the Evolving Drivers and Challenges Facing Wind Development in New England
6/3/2011 MA Siting
Wind Siting in New England: Bridging State Goals and Local Concerns
6/3/2011 MA New England Offshore Wind Update
6/3/2011 MA ISO New England Releases the New England Wind Integration Study
7/5/2011 MA NEWEEP Convenes Conference and Workshop to Advance Social Acceptance of Well-Sited Wind Projects in New England: A Wind Powering America Success Story
6/30/2014 MA Nation's Largest Offshore Wind Energy Area Is Available for Commercial Development
7/1/2014 MA Energy Department Offers Conditional Commitment to Cape Wind Offshore Wind Generation Project
7/14/2014 MA Presentations Available for Massachusetts Wind Working Group May Meeting
5/30/2014 MA Schools
Wind Energy Research Center Receives NSF Funding
1/29/2015 MA Interior Department Leases Area Offshore Massachusetts for Wind Energy Development
11/8/2013 MA New England Grid-Scale Wind Project Development Update
11/19/2012 MA Agricultural
Public Lands
Public Power
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Workshop Explores Information's Role in Wind Project Siting: A Wind Powering America Success Story
1/14/2013 MA New England Wind Forum Publishes Newsletter, Website Updates
1/14/2013 MA Policy
State Regulatory and Legislative Updates
1/14/2013 MA Wind Project Development Updates
1/14/2013 MA Towns throughout New England Acting to Exert Local Control over Wind Siting
1/14/2013 MA Wind Energy and Public Health: Research, Discussion, and the Future
1/14/2013 MA New England Offshore Wind Advances on Several Fronts
1/14/2013 MA ISO New England Updates
1/14/2013 MA New England Wind Forum Helps You Follow Wind-Related Events
1/14/2013 MA New England Interview: Stephan Wollenburg, Green Energy Program Director of Energy Consumers Alliance of New England
3/22/2016 MA Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Issues Offshore Wind Research Request for Proposals
1/29/2013 KS Kansas State University Videos Explore Wind Energy
10/25/2011 KS Schools
Eudora High School Video Club Produces Time-Lapse Video of Turbine Installation
8/8/2012 KS Community Hospital Rebuilds Better with Wind Energy
6/25/2012 KS Agricultural
Small Wind
Small Town Turns to Wind Energy to Rebuild, Revitalize Community
6/7/2011 KS Schools
Ruth Douglas Miller Named One of the Top 150 Scientists in Kansas' History
9/27/2011 KS Kansas Wind for Schools Team Receives USDA Funding for Four Turbine Installations: A Wind Powering America Success Story
3/1/2011 KS Schools
Kansas High School Students Test Airspace Awareness Software as Part of Wind for Schools Project
1/1/2007 KS Kansas Energy Plan
11/8/2010 KS Schools
Two Kansas Wind for Schools Project Turbines Installed
5/4/2010 KS Schools
Econ. Dev.
Kansas Wind Program Stimulates Rural Economy: A Wind Powering America Success Story
5/17/2010 KS Kansas State University Student Receives IEEE Prize and Internship for Wind Applications Center Research: A Wind Powering America Success Story
5/10/2010 KS High School Senior Works with Teacher to Keep the School's Wind Turbine Communications System Online: A Wind Powering America Success Story
4/27/2010 KS Schools
Kansas State University Wind for Schools Graduate Embarks on Renewable Energy Career: A Wind Powering America Success Story
4/27/2010 IN Econ. Dev.
Wind Powering America's Wind Resource Maps Help Launch Indiana's Wind Development: A Wind Powering America Success Story
9/6/2011 IN Econ. Dev.
Benton County's Wind Energy Ordinance: Wind Powering America Lessons Learned
7/23/2012 IL Schools
Illinois Wind for Schools Program: Wind Powering America Lessons Learned
2/17/2006 IL Illinois Rural Electric Cooperative Wins DOE Wind Cooperative of the Year Award
11/27/2001 IL Remarks from Phil Dougherty, Wind Powering America National Coordinator, DOE, at the 2001 Illinois Wind Workshop
5/6/2013 IL Schools
Illinois Wind for Schools Program Selects Partner Schools
5/21/2013 IL Wind Powering America Hosts 12th Annual All-States Summit: A Wind Powering America Success Story
12/18/2012 IL Schools
Illinois Wind for Schools Program Accepting Applications for 2013-2014 Program
12/12/2012 IL Schools
Small Wind
Western Illinois University Installs Small Wind Turbine
8/9/2005 ID Public Power
Exergy Development Group LLC Recognized for Role in Idaho's First Utility-Scale Wind Project
1/17/2007 ID G3 LLC Recognized for Restoring Idaho's First Utility-Scale Wind Project
8/15/2006 ID Public Lands
Bureau of Land Management Announces Final Approval of Wind Energy Project in Idaho
4/28/2010 ID Schools
Pocatello, Idaho Celebrates Its Wind for Schools Turbine: A Wind Powering America Success Story
7/7/2010 ID Schools
Small Wind
Wind for Schools Turbine Prompts Updated Wind Ordinance for City of Pocatello: A Wind Powering America Success Story
7/12/2010 ID Schools
Boise State University Wind for Schools Graduate Embarks on Renewable Energy Career: A Wind Powering America Success Story
12/11/2009 ID Schools
Video Documenting Installation Process of the Pocatello Community Charter School, Idaho, Wind Turbine
1/1/2000 IA Harvesting the Wind
7/18/2002 IA Public Power
Tiny Utility Is Big On Wind Energy
4/22/2003 IA Public Power
Waverly Light and Power Case Study
7/31/2012 IA Schools
Econ. Dev.
Spirit Lake School District Case Study
10/31/2011 IA Schools
Establishing a Community College Wind Energy and Turbine Technology Program: Wind Powering America Lessons Learned
3/9/2012 IA Public Power
Energy Department Honors Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative with 2011 Wind Cooperative of the Year Award
5/6/2016 IA At Iowa Forum, U.S. Energy Secretary Stresses Security
11/30/2010 HI NREL Publishes Oahu Wind Integration and Transmission Study
5/18/2015 HI Hawaii Moves toward 100% Renewables by 2045
6/9/2015 HI Hawaii First State to Adopt 100% Renewable Energy Goal
5/4/2015 GA Georgia Wind Working Group Facilitates Georgia Tech Energy Expo
6/27/2012 GA Wind Powering America Hosts 11th Annual All-States Summit
6/5/2012 GA City of Tybee Island Adopts Local Resolution in Support of Wind Development, a First in Georgia: A Wind Powering America Success Story
11/17/2010 GA Schools
First Georgia Public School Wind Turbine Installed: A Wind Powering America Success Story
1/25/2016 GA Georgia Tech and Georgia DNR Launch Marine Planning Application to Support Responsible Offshore Energy Development
1/1/2016 DE Schools
University of Delaware Announces Wind Energy Graduate Research Fellowships
1/9/2014 DC President Obama Establishes Quadrennial Energy Review with Energy Infrastructure Focus
12/4/2012 CO Wind Wildlife Research Meeting Presents Latest Findings
7/14/2015 CO Policy
Federal Judges Rule: Colorado's Renewable Portfolio Standard Legal
6/18/2015 CO Policy
FERC Removes Obstacles Limiting Distributed Renewable Energy in Colorado
7/19/2014 CO Colorado a Hub for Wind Power
6/24/2008 CO Aspen Wins DOE Wind Power Pioneer Award
4/9/2010 CO Schools
School District Harnesses Wind to Teach Students: A Wind Powering America Success Story
7/23/2007 CO Small Wind
Colorado: Sangre De Cristo Electric Coop Installs Small Wind Turbine
5/18/2007 CO Schools
Colorado: Wind Grants for Schools Program
4/5/2001 CO Blowin' in the Wind: An alternative source of energy finally takes off
4/22/2003 CO Public Power
Western Area Power Administration Offers Renewables to Federal Agencies
4/30/2004 CO Public Power
Wind Cooperative of the Year Interview: Holy Cross Energy
10/26/2004 CO Fort Collins Utilities Wins DOE Wind Power Award
4/21/2005 CO Roping the Wind: A teacher talks the town of Wray into lassoing its wind power instead of cutting school staff, but the project wasn't a breeze
3/23/2007 CO World's Largest Wind Powered Environmental Sculpture to Debut in Vail, Colorado
4/3/2012 CO Schools
Colorado's Wind for Schools Project Honored with a Wirth Chair Award
5/8/2012 CO Schools
Colorado's Wind for Schools Project Receives Wirth Chair Award: A Wind Powering America Success Story
1/17/2012 CO Wind Powering America Hosts Fifth Annual Wind for Schools Summit: A Wind Powering America Success Story
2/14/2012 CO Schools
Wind for Schools Project Host School Seeks Sustainability Session Proposals
12/17/2010 CO Schools
Wellington Middle School Dedicates Wind for Schools Project Turbine
1/4/2011 CO Schools
National Wind Technology Center Recognizes Wind for Schools Team
1/4/2011 CO New Year Message to Wind Powering America Stakeholders
1/13/2011 CO Schools
WPA Hosts Fourth Annual Wind for Schools Summit: A Wind Powering America Success Story
1/15/2011 CO Schools
Colorado's Ponderosa High School Dedicates Wind for Schools Project
2/10/2011 CO Schools
Colorado's Ponderosa High School Installs Latest Wind for Schools Project Turbine: A Wind Powering America Success Story
6/17/2014 CA Public Power
Silicon Valley Power and Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority Win 2014 Public Power Wind Awards
9/25/2014 CA Department of the Interior Announces Competitive Leasing Policy to Encourage Solar and Wind Energy Development on Public Lands
4/7/2014 CA Public Power
Wind Energy Helped CAISO Avoid Emergency Alert
3/21/2016 CA BOEM Initiates Review of Proposal for Wind Energy Project Offshore California
1/28/2013 AZ Schools
Landing a Job in the Wind Industry: Wind Powering America Lessons Learned
1/14/2015 AZ Wind Energy Will Power the Super Bowl
8/11/2015 AZ Clean Power Plan Creates Renewable Energy Opportunities in Arizona
9/3/2015 AZ Schools
Northern Arizona University Adapts Wind for Schools Curriculum for Outreach on Easter Island
1/26/2015 AZ Schools
Northern Arizona University Installs Second Wind Turbine on Flagstaff Campus
3/15/2011 AZ Schools
Arizona Wind for Schools Project to Be Installed by September
8/1/2011 AZ Native Americans
Arizona Wind for Schools Team Installs First Turbine: A Wind Powering America Success Story
12/20/2011 AZ Schools
Arizona Wind for Schools Team Installs Turbine at Northern Arizona University
1/3/2012 AZ Schools
Wind for Schools Project Installs Turbines in Arizona and Virginia
10/11/2011 AZ Schools
Arizona Wind for Schools Team Installs Two Turbines
7/30/2012 AZ Native Americans
Native American Schools in Arizona to Install Wind Turbines: A Wind Powering America Success Story
5/22/2005 AZ ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition Includes Wind Turbine
10/12/2009 AZ Public Power
Arizona Dry Lake Wind Power Project
4/1/2007 AZ Econ. Dev.
Arizona Wind Energy Assessments: Developable Windy Land and Economic Benefits
4/28/2010 AZ Econ. Dev.
Arizona Welcomes the Dry Lake Wind Power Project: A Wind Powering America Success Story
6/9/2010 AZ Small Wind
Small Wind Turbines Taking Off
11/8/2010 AZ Northern Arizona University Launches Wind Applications Center
4/28/2010 AR Schools
Small Wind
Arkansas Wind Working Group Launches Anemometer Loan Program, Trains University Students for Renewable Energy Workforce: A Wind Powering America Success Story
4/28/2010 AR Arkansas Wind Working Group Launches Tall-Tower Study: A Wind Powering America Success Story
2/12/2010 AK Public Power
Kodiak Electric Association Named U.S. DOE Wind Cooperative of the Year
11/12/2010 AK Public Power
Wind Energy Saves Kodiak Electric Association 1 Million Gallons of Diesel Fuel
2/25/2008 AK Native Americans
Public Power
Department of Energy Selects Winner of Wind Cooperative of the Year Award
11/21/2011 AK Agricultural
Public Power
Econ. Dev.
Fire Island Wind Project Approved: A Wind Powering America Success Story
4/12/2011 AK Annual International Wind-Diesel Workshop Lives On: A Wind Powering America Success Story
4/1/2011 AK Schools
Coast Guard Energy Management Program Includes Wind for Schools Initiative
1/18/2011 AK Alaska Launches New Small Wind Working Group
12/15/2010 AK Schools
Alaska Installs Third Wind for Schools Turbine: A Wind Powering America Success Story
3/10/2015 AK Wind Power Conference Connects International Experts on Remote and Islanded Grid Systems
7/14/2015 AK Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee Holds Hearing on Islanded Energy Systems
9/24/2014 AK 100% Powered by Renewables: Alaska's Kodiak Island Goes All in with Wind and Hydro
4/8/2013 AK Developing Wind Energy Projects in Alaska: Wind Powering America Lessons Learned
11/18/2013 AK Schools
Wind for Schools Project Funding Case Studies, Part 4: Begich Middle School, Anchorage, Alaska
12/2/2013 Deadline to Respond to DOE's Regional Wind Resource Centers RFP Is December 5
11/12/2013 Department of Interior Approves Interstate Transmission Line Project in Wyoming and Idaho
9/30/2013 The Western Wind and Solar Integration Study Phase 2
9/24/2013 Public Power
Want to Finance a Wind Farm Project in Your Community? Try Crowdfunding
10/21/2013 A Letter from Patrick Gilman: Wind Powering America Is Now Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach
10/21/2013 NREL to Release RFP for Regional Resource Centers
10/29/2013 Agricultural
Rural Communities Benefit from Wind Energy's Continued Success
10/30/2013 U.S. Department of Energy Wind Program Initiates Regional Resource Centers
11/8/2013 Long-Term Contracting Opportunities Poised to Enable Future New England Wind Farms
11/8/2013 New England States Consider Wind Power Siting Legislative and Regulatory Changes
11/11/2013 Among Many Successes, Some Community Wind Projects Experience New Challenges
11/11/2013 New England's Wholesale Market Treatment of Wind Evolves as Penetration Increases
11/14/2013 Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
Wind Energy Forum Enhances Positives of Wind Production
11/12/2013 Responses Posted to DOE's Regional Wind Resource Centers RFP Questions
11/18/2013 First Map Depicting 100-Meter Land-Based and Offshore Wind Resources Now Available
10/31/2013 AWEA Publishes Third-Quarter Wind Industry Market Report
10/28/2013 Independent Grid Operator Study Demonstrates Renewable Energy Savings
1/14/2014 Burning Coal, Burning Cash: 2014 Update
1/27/2014 U.S. Energy Information Administration Predicts Wind Capacity and Generation Increases in 2014
1/23/2014 Collegiate Wind Competition Set to Blow into Vegas in May
2/4/2014 Agricultural
Small Wind
Congress Passes USDA Farm Bill, Including Renewable Energy Funding
2/10/2014 Small Wind
Interstate Turbine Advisory Council Adds Two Certified Small Wind Turbines to its Unified List
2/10/2014 Thought Leaders Present Clean Energy Plan to President Obama
1/30/2014 DOE Announces Funding to Access Higher-Quality Wind Resources and Lower Costs
1/30/2014 AWEA Publishes 4th Quarter 2013 Market Report
2/18/2014 Public Power
Nominations Now Being Accepted for the 2014 Public Power Wind Award
2/18/2014 Agricultural
2014 Farm Bill Includes Important Energy Title
2/24/2014 Policy
EPA Publishes Guide for Local Governments on Releasing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2/24/2014 Policy
EPA Releases Tool to Estimate Emissions Benefits of Renewable Energy Policies and Programs
3/6/2014 Public Power
Energy Department Names Virginia and Illinois Electric Co-ops the 2013 Wind Cooperatives of the Year
3/10/2014 IRENA Establishes Coalition to Bolster Public Support for Renewables
3/10/2014 Schools
KidWind Project Launches Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign
4/7/2014 Policy
Study Finds Wind Power Cost Competitive with Natural Gas
4/7/2014 Small Wind
World Wind Energy Association Publishes Small Wind Report
3/11/2014 DOE Announces Wind Energy Regional Resource Centers
3/11/2014 Tourists Flock to Wind Turbines: 14 Examples of Ecotourism
3/18/2014 Agricultural
Small Wind
Certification Helps Consumers Choose Satisfactory Small Wind Turbines
3/24/2014 EPA Publishes On-Site Renewable Energy Generation Guide for Local Governments
3/24/2014 3TIER's Global Wind and Solar Datasets Now Freely Available through Google Platform
12/5/2013 Public Lands
President Obama Calls for Increased Renewable Energy Use at Federal Facilities
12/16/2013 Policy
Western Governors' Association Launches Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool
12/16/2013 Large Technology Companies Utilize Wind Energy to Reduce Environmental Footprint and Energy Costs
12/19/2013 Agricultural
How Does Wind Energy's Water Consumption Compare to Other Energy Technologies?
1/8/2014 Agricultural
Wind Energy Helps Preserve Water Resources
1/13/2014 Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach Initiative Welcomes Brie Van Cleve
1/13/2014 New Economic Impacts of Offshore Wind Fact Sheets Available
1/13/2014 Wind Energy Helps Ward Off Power Outages
4/21/2014 Department of Energy Issues Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy Projects Solicitation
4/21/2014 Policy
New NREL Study Examines Production Tax Credit Implications
4/21/2014 ACORE Publishes Renewable Energy Outlook Report
4/21/2014 Global Renewable Energy Investment Report Available
5/5/2014 U.S. Department of Energy Launches WINDExchange Initiative Focused on Enabling Well-Informed Decisions about the Appropriate Deployment of Wind Energy
5/5/2014 WINDExchange Honors Wind Leadership
5/5/2014 Union of Concerned Scientists Publishes Climate Change Report
5/5/2014 ELPC Publishes Farm Energy Success Stories
5/5/2014 WINDExchange Summit Provides Opportunity to Discuss Successes and Challenges of Wind Energy
5/20/2014 Xcel Energy Achieves Wind Energy Milestone
5/19/2014 Third National Climate Assessment Released
5/19/2014 EPA Solicits Public Comments on Action Plan for RE-Powering America's Land
5/19/2014 New NREL Publications Available
5/19/2014 LBNL Publishes Renewable Energy Tax Incentives Report
5/19/2014 IRENA Publishes International Renewable Energy Jobs Review
3/14/2013 Agricultural
Wind Applications Center Valuable Resource for Wind for Schools Partners
1/30/2013 Responses Posted to DOE Inaugural National Collegiate Wind Competition RFP Questions
2/11/2013 Native Americans
White Earth Nation Installs Turbines: A Wind Powering America Success Story
2/21/2013 Public Power
Energy Department Honors South Dakota and Alaska Electric Cooperatives with 2012 Wind Cooperative of the Year Awards
2/25/2013 Small Wind
Providing Incentives to Help Grow Small Wind: Wind Powering America Lessons Learned
2/28/2013 Agricultural
Wind for Schools Program Impacting Nation's Renewable Energy Future
5/1/2013 Agricultural
Small Wind
Small Wind Certification Council Works to Ensure Wind Industry's Credibility
3/29/2013 Agricultural
Small Wind
USDA Announces Notice of Funding Availability for the Rural Energy for America Program
4/8/2013 New U.S. Offshore Wind Supply Chain Development Resources Available
4/11/2013 Schools
DOE Announces Inaugural Collegiate Wind Competition Teams
4/14/2013 Agricultural
Small Wind
Small Wind Certification Important For Wind Industry
5/20/2013 Native Americans
Energy Department Announces $7 Million to Promote Clean Energy in Tribal Communities
5/20/2013 Baring-Gould Receives Champion Award from Women of Wind Energy
5/20/2013 Econ. Dev.
NREL Launches Renewable Energy Optimization Tool Website
5/20/2013 Wind Powering America Announces Outstanding Partner Awards
6/3/2013 DOE Releases Wind Powering America Impact Study
8/21/2013 Agricultural
Small Wind
U.S. DOE Releases First Market Report Focusing on Distributed Wind
8/26/2013 Schools
Small Wind
Wind for Schools Project Funding Case Studies: Thomas Harrison Middle School, Virginia
8/15/2013 Agricultural
USDA Announces Funding for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects
9/9/2013 Agricultural
Small Wind
Small, Community Wind Empowers Rural Communities, Strengthens U.S. Economy
9/9/2013 Schools
Wind for Schools Project Funding Case Studies, Part 2: Cherry Valley Elementary School, Colorado
9/23/2013 Army Energy Initiatives Task Force Announces Selection of Multiple Award Task Order Contracts to Wind Contractors
6/12/2013 Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
Wind Power Development's Economic Impact on Rural Communities
6/17/2013 Small Wind
Small Wind Site Assessment: Wind Powering America Lessons Learned
6/18/2013 Public Power
Energy Department Honors California and Washington Utilities with 2013 Public Power Wind Award
6/25/2013 President Obama Unveils Climate Action Plan
7/1/2013 Schools
Small Wind
KidWind Project and Wind Education in the Classroom: Wind Powering America Lessons Learned
7/9/2013 Schools
Small Wind
XZERES Acquires Southwest Windpower's Skystream Product Line
7/22/2013 Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
Analyzing Economic Development Through Wind Power
7/29/2013 Policy
Advanced Energy Legislation Tracker Tool Facilitates State Energy Legislation Research
8/12/2013 Econ. Dev.
Re-Powering a Wind Farm: Wind Powering America Lessons Learned
12/17/2012 Schools
Econ. Dev.
Colorado's Huerfano County Welcomes Wind Energy Development: A Wind Powering America Success Story
12/17/2012 U.S. Offshore Wind Collaborative Launches Offshore WindHub
12/12/2012 Energy Department Announces New U.S. Offshore Wind Projects Investments
12/3/2012 Econ. Dev.
CEMEX Wind Turbine Project Case Study
10/1/2012 October Is Energy Awareness Month
10/22/2012 Small Wind
DOE Funds Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool Update
10/19/2012 Agricultural
USDA Announces REAP Funding for 244 Projects
10/17/2012 American Wind Energy Association Publishes Third-Quarter 2012 Market Report
11/7/2012 Schools
Schools Experience Benefits of Wind Energy Firsthand
1/8/2013 Schools
U.S. Department of Energy, Wind Program Initiates Inaugural National Collegiate Wind Competition
9/23/2013 Econ. Dev.
System Advisor Model
12/20/2012 Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
Water Conservation Just One of Many Reasons to Support Wind Energy
1/25/2013 Agricultural
Wind Energy PTC Extension Essential, Beneficial for Rural America, Entire U.S.
1/28/2013 Schools
Wind for Schools Project Enters 2013 with 124 Turbine Installations and Lessons to Share: A Wind Powering America Success Story
1/14/2013 Small Wind
Small Wind Guidebook Now Available in OpenEI
10/20/2014 Policy
Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool Updated
10/20/2014 Policy
2014 National Summit on RPS Presentations Now Available
10/29/2014 Agricultural
Wind Energy Benefits Rural Economies
10/30/2014 Schools
U.S. Department of Energy Wind Program Announces New Round of Funding for 2016 Collegiate Wind Competition
5/13/2014 Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
DWEA Launches SMART Wind Consortium
10/28/2014 Schools
Prairie Public News: Wind Power Means Job Opportunities
11/3/2014 Schools
New Wind Career Map Navigates Industry Jobs
10/6/2014 DOE Announces Upcoming Funding Opportunity to Develop and Field Test Wind Energy Bat Impact Minimization Technologies
9/22/2014 Public Lands
DOE Announces $5 Million to Develop Clean Energy Projects at Federal Facilities
8/31/2014 Poll: Seven in Ten Midwestern Voters Support Wind Energy
8/22/2014 Article Examines Energy's Toll on Birds
9/25/2014 Agricultural
Report Indicates Growth in Wind Energy
9/18/2014 Agricultural
USDA Invests $68 Million in 540 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects
1/7/2015 Reminder: Deadline for Women of Wind Energy Fellowships is February 27
11/17/2014 Agricultural
Small Wind
Technical Assistance Available for Community Wind Projects in the Pacific Northwest
1/8/2015 Energy Department Announces $2.5 Million to Improve Wind Forecasting
12/29/2014 Small Wind
NREL Releases RFP for Distributed Wind Competitiveness Improvement Project
12/31/2014 Policy
Bipartisan Governors' Group Urges Administration to Expand Wind Energy Development
1/20/2015 Small Wind
IRS Issues New Guidance for Small Wind Turbines to Qualify for Tax Credit
12/29/2014 Agricultural
USDA Seeks Applicants for the Rural Energy for America Program
1/23/2015 Econ. Dev.
DOE Creates Jobs Strategy Council
11/17/2014 Nebraska Wind and Solar Conference Presentations Available
11/18/2014 Public Power
Nominate an Electric Cooperative for Wind Power Leadership Award by January 5
11/18/2014 Schools
Responses to Collegiate Wind Competition 2016 RFP Questions
11/28/2014 Agricultural
REAP Funding Helping Rural Farms and Communities
12/10/2014 New Wind Potential Capacity Maps Broaden the Wind Energy Frontier
12/18/2014 LEEDCo to Optimize Offshore Wind Foundation Design for Fabrication in the United States
12/18/2014 EIA: Wind Power Capacity Additions Expected to Increase in Fourth Quarter and in 2015
12/22/2014 Small Wind
Navigant Report: Demand for Microgrid Enabling Technologies Expected to Rapidly Increase
12/31/2014 Cooperative Approach Utilized for Michigan Wind Project
6/30/2014 Energy Department Invests $3.2 Million to Support Clean Energy Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
7/14/2014 Schools
TEDEd Lesson Provides Guide to the Earth's Energy
7/14/2014 Poll: West, Midwest Business Interests Favor Renewable Energy
7/15/2014 Energy Department, NREL Release State and Local Energy Data Tool
7/3/2014 Energy Department Makes Additional $4 Billion in Loan Guarantees Available for Innovative Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy Projects
5/30/2014 U.S. Department of Commerce Awards Grant to Develop a Consensus-Based Distributed Wind Roadmap
6/12/2014 Energy Department Announces New Regional Approach to Wind Energy Information
6/13/2014 Policy
EPA Proposes Carbon Pollution Reduction Plan
6/13/2014 Native Americans
DOE Announces Notice of Intent to Issue Funding Opportunity for Tribal Clean Energy Projects
6/13/2014 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Representatives Introduce Rural Wind Energy Development Act
6/13/2014 Small Wind
A2LA Renews Small Wind Certification Council Accreditation
6/13/2014 National Laboratory Researchers Publish Renewable Portfolio Standards Report
6/18/2014 Agricultural
Small Wind
WindLease Helps Consumers Save Money
7/31/2014 Agricultural
Small Wind
REAP Funding Update, Part I
7/24/2014 Small Wind
DOE Announces Distributed Wind Competitiveness Improvement Project Awards
8/11/2014 U.S. Offshore Wind Development Moving Forward
8/11/2014 Public Power
Econ. Dev.
Renewable Northwest Releases New Energy Imbalance Market Outreach Materials
8/11/2014 EIA Predicts Increased Wind Power Capacity in 2015
8/18/2014 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
REAP Funding Update, Part II
8/14/2014 Agricultural
Small Wind
DOE Issues Request for Information for Distributed Wind Energy Systems
8/18/2014 Schools
Video: Shaping Tomorrow's Wind Energy Leaders
6/30/2014 Policy
EPA Schedules Four Public Hearings for the Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule
9/16/2014 Schools
Special Notice: 2016 U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition
9/5/2014 DOE Awards $4.5 Million for Innovative Wind Power Research and Development Projects
8/24/2015 NREL Releases Technology Baseline of Cost and Performance Data with Standard Scenarios Report
8/17/2015 Energy Department Funds Safety Solution for Offshore Wind Turbine Workers
6/3/2015 Policy
UCS: Most States on Track to Meet Clean Power Plan 2020 Benchmarks
7/27/2015 Small Wind
SMART Wind Consortium Continues Distributed Wind Roadmapping Effort
8/3/2015 Policy
President Obama, EPA Release Clean Power Plan
8/10/2015 Wind Energy Boom Couldn't Come at a Better Time
8/24/2015 Agricultural
Small Wind
Investing in Small Wind Can Provide Big Success
8/7/2015 Agricultural
Small Wind
USDA Funds $63 Million in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency Programs
5/14/2015 Energy Department Extends Offshore Wind Request for Information Deadline
6/16/2015 Small Wind
NREL Issues Special Notice Regarding Solicitation for Distributed Wind Competitiveness Improvement Project
6/10/2015 Small Wind
USDA Announces 2015 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Grant Awards
6/16/2015 IRENA App Delivers Global Renewable Energy Data
7/7/2015 New Facebook Data Center to Be Powered by 100% Wind Energy
7/10/2015 Denmark Produces 140% of Its Electricity Demand from Wind Power on July 10, Exports Excess
9/29/2015 Community Distributed Wind Provides Local Benefits
9/28/2015 White House Announces Actions to Support Offshore Wind Development
9/28/2015 Econ. Dev.
Energy Department's State Energy Program Funds Awards to Advance Northeast Offshore Wind Market
9/16/2015 Econ. Dev.
Energy Department Announces $70 Million for Innovation Institute on Smart Manufacturing
10/1/2015 Small Wind
Energy Department Helps Manufacturers of Small and Mid-Size Wind Turbines Meet Certification Requirements
9/23/2015 New Pilot Accepting Small Business Requests to Work with National Labs
10/1/2015 Major New Wind Projects Make Headlines
10/1/2015 Small Wind
New and Improved Distributed Wind Policy Tool Available
9/16/2015 White House Launches Climate Action Champions Initiative
9/30/2015 Federal Energy Management Program Launches New Training Series
11/2/2015 Southeast Wind Industry Supply Chain Assets Highlighted in New Online Map
11/2/2015 Global Atlas for Renewable Energy
11/2/2015 RE-Powering Electronic Decision Tree Tool
9/2/2015 Wind Development Helping Rural Montana Economy
5/14/2015 Wind Industry Adopts Voluntary Protocol to Reduce Bat Impacts
9/1/2015 Native Americans
Energy Department Issues Tribal Climate Change Report, $6 Million for Native American Clean Energy Projects
9/16/2015 Energy Department Announces New Actions to Spur Clean Energy Manufacturing Growth and Innovation
11/23/2015 Policy
Administration Announces New Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets for Federal Agencies
11/23/2015 Energy Department Announces Two Wind Energy Projects through Partnership with Israel
3/12/2015 Econ. Dev.
A Future for Wind Energy: Energy Department Releases Highly Anticipated Wind Vision Report
3/23/2015 Schools
NREL Developers Make Wind Datasets Accessible
3/30/2015 Agricultural
Small Wind
REAP Funding: When, Where, and How to Apply
4/6/2015 New Interactive Map Shows Promising Potential for America's Wind Energy Future
4/20/2015 Schools
Renewable Energy Educators: Apply by May 1 for 2015 REcharge Academies Scholarships
4/20/2015 How Permitting, Zoning Issues Differ for Distributed Wind
4/14/2015 Energy Department Announces New Projects to Help Protect Wildlife at Wind Energy Plants
4/7/2015 Public Comment Period Open for Draft Climate Change Report
5/4/2015 Boise State University Wins Collegiate Wind Competition 2015
5/6/2015 Energy Secretary Moniz Promotes U.S. Energy System Upgrade on Daily Show
4/24/2015 Econ. Dev.
Wind Industry Participates in Joining Forces Initiative
5/19/2015 Energy Department Releases Report, Evaluates Potential for Wind Power in All 50 States
5/19/2015 WINDExchange Summit Participants Learn More about Wind Industry's Status, Successes, and Challenges
5/14/2015 Energy Department Releases Request for Information on Offshore Wind Strategy
5/18/2015 Energy Department Launches New Wind Technology Resource Center
5/26/2015 Governors Ask Congress to Renew PTC
5/29/2015 Local Ownership Provides Local Benefits with Community Wind Projects
1/30/2015 Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
Wind Energy Development Beneficial to Rural Oklahoma Communities
1/15/2015 New Maps, Fact Sheets Reveal an 82,000-Plus-Megawatt Opportunity in the Southeast
3/9/2015 Small Wind
DWEA SMART Wind Consortium to Host Final Subgroup Kickoff March 26
2/11/2015 Econ. Dev.
New Model Demonstrates Offshore Wind Industry's Job Growth Potential
2/18/2015 Schools
Energy Department Announces 2016 Collegiate Wind Competition Participants
2/10/2015 Obama Administration Announces Clean Energy Innovation Initiative
12/29/2014 Agricultural
USDA Announces Funding for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects
2/23/2015 Small Wind
Interstate Turbine Advisory Council Adds Certified Turbine to Unified List
2/23/2015 Schools
KidWind Project Announces 2015 REcharge Academies
2/26/2015 Public Power
Energy Department Names Two Colorado-based Electric Cooperatives as Wind Cooperatives of the Year for 2014
2/27/2015 Agricultural
Small Wind
Small Wind Education Helps Consumers Avoid Mistakes
12/6/2010 Policy
NREL Publishes U.S. Green Power Marketing Status Report
1/31/2011 Open Energy Information Site Compiles Energy Data
12/15/2010 Econ. Dev.
NREL Launches Renewable Energy Projects Financing Web Site
3/1/2011 Regional Wind Powering America Meetings Are Coming to a City Near You
5/9/2011 WPA Hosts Six Regional Meetings to Garner Stakeholder Feedback on Wind Deployment Barriers: A Wind Powering America Success Story
4/12/2011 Wind Powering America to Publish Regional Meeting Reports
5/3/2011 New 80-m Wind Resource Maps Available for Alaska, Hawaii, and the United States
4/30/2011 Policy
State Support for Clean Energy Deployment: Lessons Learned for Potential Future Policy
5/22/2011 DOE Wind Energy Program Newsletter Debuts at AWEA's WINDPOWER Conference
3/1/2011 Schools
ETA Announces $40 Million in Green Jobs Grants
3/11/2011 Public Power
DOE Honors Minnkota Power Cooperative with 2010 Wind Cooperative of the Year Award
2/9/2011 Policy
Cost of Renewable Energy Spreadsheet Tool Now Available
7/21/2011 Schools
DOE Announces Funding for Nationwide Student Clean Energy Business Competitions
6/30/2011 Schools
DOE Announces Grants for Energy Technology Conferences, Workshops with Student Participation
8/12/2011 Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
Wind Power has the Ability to Maintain Rural Communities
8/12/2011 DesAutels Moving to Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement
7/20/2011 Governors' Coalition Urges President Obama to Support Nation's Wind Energy Potential
8/16/2011 Schools
Wind Powering America Updates Maps of Educational Programs and Schools
8/30/2011 Record Hill Wind Project Receives DOE Loan Guarantee, Moves Forward: A Wind Powering America Success Story
8/17/2011 Agricultural
Small Wind
USDA Announces $11.6 Million in Rural Energy for America Program Funding Awards
9/25/2012 Wind Powering America Produces Newsletter Postcard
9/1/2011 Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
Studies Prove the Economic Boost that Comes from Wind Energy Development
8/29/2011 Agricultural
Public Power
Agriculture Secretary Announces Smart Grid, Transmission System Improvements
9/13/2011 Native Americans
NMAI and Tribes Launch Environmental Website
9/8/2011 Department of Energy Awards $43 Million to Spur Offshore Wind Energy
9/27/2011 Wind Powering America Welcomes New DOE Program Lead Jonathan Bartlett
7/18/2011 Startup America Initiative Offers Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
7/18/2011 Schools
Wind Powering America Updates Map of Community Colleges Offering Wind Energy Programs
6/20/2011 Public Lands
Environmental Law Institute Publishes Two Wind Siting Studies
6/23/2011 DOE's State Energy Program Announces Grant Opportunities for State Energy Offices
7/5/2011 Schools
Skystream 3.7 Turbine Available at Home Depot Locations
7/5/2011 Schools
School Wind Turbine Installations Map Updated
7/5/2011 Public Power
Clean Coalition Publishes Local CLEAN Program Guide
6/7/2011 WPA Convenes 10th Annual All-States Summit: A Wind Powering America Success Story
6/7/2011 Wind Powering America Team Presents 2011 Awards at All-States Summit
6/15/2011 Agricultural
Small Wind
Want to Incorporate Renewables on the Farm? Consider the Energy Pyramid
6/20/2011 Agricultural
USDA Rural Energy Assistance Program Grant Opportunity Announced
6/20/2011 Native Americans
Econ. Dev.
Economic Development Administration Funding Opportunity Announced
11/22/2011 Siting
New Database Assists with Wind Project Siting
12/6/2011 Update: U.S. Department of Energy Wind Program Funding Awards
12/6/2011 Atlantic Wind Energy Workshop Report, Presentations Available
10/25/2011 Schools
Wind Powering America Updates Interactive Maps
10/11/2011 Nationwide Utility Rates Available on OpenEI
11/2/2011 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Wind Energy Has A Lot Riding on Programs up for Debate in Congress
9/30/2011 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool and Guidebook
11/7/2011 Native Americans
DOE Tribal Energy Program Seeks Native American Students for 2012 Summer Internships
1/3/2012 Agricultural
Small Wind
Keys to Local Wind Energy Development Success
1/16/2012 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Distributed Wind Site Analysis Tool
1/16/2012 Agricultural
Small Wind
Small Wind Certification Council Issues First Turbine Certifications
1/17/2012 Public Lands
BLM Seeks Comments for Competitive Leasing of Wind Energy on Public Lands
1/31/2012 Agricultural
Small Wind
USDA Issues Rural Energy for America Program Solicitation of Applications
1/31/2012 Siting
Independent Expert Science Panel Releases Report on Potential Health Effects of Wind Turbines
1/31/2012 Schools
KidWind Project Announces 2012 Wind Senators Program
2/13/2012 Agricultural
Renewable Energy for America Program Important, Beneficial Aspect of Farm Bill for Nation
2/16/2012 Native Americans
Tribal Clean Energy Projects to Receive $6.5 Million from U.S. Department of Energy
3/8/2012 DOE Funds Consensus Building Institute to Host Facilitating Wind Energy Siting Workshop: A Wind Powering America Success Story
3/1/2012 DOE Announces $180 Million for Deployment of Offshore Wind Projects
3/1/2012 Econ. Dev.
LBNL/NREL Analysis Predicts Record Low LCOE for Wind Energy in 2012-2013
3/20/2012 Speak Up To Protect Successful Renewable Energy for America Program
2/14/2012 Wind Powering America Updates Wind Maps Section on Website
2/14/2012 Agricultural
USDA Launches Energy Website
7/20/2012 Great Lakes Wind Collaborative Blog Post Highlights Positive Wind Energy Research Studies
7/31/2012 Clean Energy States Alliance Launches New Offshore Wind Works Website
6/25/2012 Agricultural
USDA REAP Funds 450 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects
7/24/2012 Small Wind
NABCEP Seeks Input from Small Wind Industry
7/24/2012 Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Wind Power Use No-Brainer for Hotel Owner
8/16/2012 Gemini Energy Services Expands Its Workforce by Hiring Military Veterans: A Wind Powering America Success Story
8/28/2012 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Web-Based Tool Updated to Aid in Evaluating Best Use of Incentive Dollars
8/28/2012 Siting
Mapping Tool Helps Wind Energy Companies Screen Early for Critical Habitat, Potential Wildlife Impacts
8/15/2012 New England Wind Projects Map Updated
8/7/2012 Public Lands
Army Announces $7 Billion Action to Support Renewable Energy
9/25/2012 Schools
DOE Wind Program Funds University of Wisconsin-Madison Wind Workforce Development Efforts: A Wind Powering America Success Story
5/21/2012 Peer-Reviewed Offshore Wind Fact Sheets Available
5/21/2012 Siting
U.S. EPA Launches Innovative New Tools to Determine Solar and Wind Energy Potential on Contaminated Lands
5/1/2012 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Do Your Part in Securing a Sustainable Renewable Energy Future for America
4/24/2012 Updated Installed Wind Capacity Map Available
6/5/2012 WINDPOWER 2012 Launches with a Strong Push for Continuing the Production Tax Credit
6/5/2012 DOE, NREL Launch Interactive Map for Utility Customers
5/22/2012 Wind Powering America Publishes 30-Meter Wind Resource Maps
6/16/2012 Wind Powering America Team Presents 2012 Awards at All-States Summit
6/19/2012 Schools
Energy Department Assists with Wind Industry Training for Military Veterans
6/19/2012 Public Power
Energy Department Honors Minnesota and California Utilities with 2012 Public Power Wind Awards
2/29/2008 Wind Powering America 2007 Activities Summary
10/30/2007 Public Power
Sacramento Municipal Utility District Wins DOE Wind Power Pioneer Award
3/15/2007 Small Wind
Department of Energy Issues Best Practices for Interconnection Procedures
4/27/2007 Video: Energy Crossroads: A Burning Need to Change Course
1/29/2015 Schools
Careers in Wind Energy
6/26/2007 Schools
Renewable Energy Jobs
6/15/2007 Native Americans
Intertribal Council On Utility Policy and the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Receive World Clean Energy Award for Their Wind Power Development Plan
5/12/2008 DOE Report Analyzes a Path to Reaching 20% Wind Power by 2030
12/9/2008 Econ. Dev.
JEDI Wind Model Revision: Results Consistent With On-The-Ground Data
2/19/2010 New Wind Resource Maps and Wind Potential Estimates for the United States
8/3/2010 Energy 101: Wind Turbines (Video)
6/30/2010 DOE Breaks Down Market Barriers with Online Technology Commercialization Portal
8/4/2010 Siting
Polar Wind Power Research: A Wind Powering America Success Story
8/6/2010 Schools
Department of Energy Seeks Input on its Energy Education and Technical Training Efforts
4/7/2010 Schools
Wind Powering America Releases New Online Tools
6/22/2010 Public Power
Nebraska Public Power District and Princeton Municipal Light Department Receive 2010 Public Power Wind Award
1/18/2002 Nantucket Sound Wind Farm Gets Warm Island Reception
Small Wind
Small Wind Newsletter
8/9/2011 Small Wind
Small Wind News from IREC
11/10/2015 Econ. Dev.
Job and Economic Development Impact (JEDI) Model
3/10/2002 Public Power
Great River Energy Wins National Recognition for Wind Power Program
5/22/2003 Some Common Misconceptions About Wind Power
4/2/2012 Wind Powering America Update
9/1/2004 Agricultural
September 2004 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Improvement Grants
3/22/2007 Agricultural
Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
2007 Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA) Inviting Applications for Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Grants and Guaranteed Loans
3/19/2007 Small Wind
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to Test Small Wind Turbines
5/1/2006 Announcement of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) Opportunity for a Large-Scale Blade Test Facility Partnership
5/22/2006 Public Power
Utility Wind Integration Group Issues Assessment of Integration of Wind into Utility Power Systems
8/30/2006 Agricultural
USDA Announces $17.5 Million Investment in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
4/1/2006 State Wind Working Groups Facilitate Wind Energy Growth
2/9/2016 Understanding Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources
5/1/2016 Policy
State Policy Opportunity Tracker (SPOT) for Clean Energy
5/1/2016 Global Atlas for Renewable Energy
5/1/2016 Small Wind
A2LA Renews and Expands Small Wind Certification Council Accreditation
5/1/2016 Offshore Wind Hub Offers Updated Listings for Atlantic Coast States
4/22/2016 Department of the Interior Announces Two Tribal Energy Funding Opportunities
5/1/2016 Econ. Dev.
Energy and Commerce Departments Announce Lab Partnership Opportunities for U.S. Small Businesses and Manufacturers
3/24/2016 Innovative Drivetrain Testing for Wind Turbines Nears Completion
3/22/2016 AWEA: U.S. Rural Landowners Receive $222 Million a Year from Wind Projects
4/7/2016 IRENA: 2015 Sets Record for Renewable Energy
4/11/2016 Testing the Wind in the Columbia River Gorge: Energy Department Funds Effort to Improve Wind Forecasts
10/6/2015 Agricultural
Small Wind
USDA Announces New Round of REAP Funding
1/1/2016 NOAA: 2015 is Earth's Warmest Year by Widest Margin on Record
1/14/2016 Energy Department Announces $220 Million in Grid Modernization Funding
1/12/2016 EIA Forecasts Wind Capacity to Increase by 14% in 2016
1/5/2016 Vaisala and Southeastern Wind Coalition Join Forces to Determine Regional Wind Potential
1/15/2016 Danish Wind Power Breaks Records in 2015
12/1/2015 Schools
KidWind Project Announces 2016 Challenge Dates
12/17/2015 EERE Seeks Stakeholder Feedback on Necessary Resources to Expand Renewable Energy Deployment
12/18/2015 Agricultural
Congress Passes Extension of Production Tax Credit, Investment Tax Credit
12/17/2015 Small Wind
Energy Department Helps Alaska Native Village Save Money, Generate Wind Power
12/18/2015 Instagram Photographers Conduct Tour of American Wind Farms
1/12/2016 Schools
DOE/NREL Issue Sources Sought for Wind for Schools Project Sustainability Plan
12/16/2015 EERE Unveils New Strategic Plan
1/6/2016 Policy
Governors' Wind Energy Coalition Appoints New Leaders
3/25/2016 Energy Department to Participate in Plains and Eastern Clean Line Project
3/28/2016 Energy Department Explores Potential of Wind Power to Stabilize Electric Grids
3/1/2016 Energy Department Issues RFI: Eagle Impact Minimization Technologies and Field Testing Opportunities
2/17/2016 Energy Department Releases Clean Energy Poster Series
2/25/2016 Policy
States Setting Wind Energy Records Also Suing over Clean Power Plan
2/26/2016 Small Wind
Wind Turbine Showcased in Energy Department Headquarters
3/10/2016 Energy Department's Small Business Vouchers Pilot Selects 33 Small Businesses for Lab Collaboration
1/27/2016 Energy Department Issues Funding Opportunity Announcement for $5 Million in State Energy Program Competitive Awards
2/1/2016 Energy Department Partners with National Labs, Organizations to Apply Advanced Manufacturing Methods to Wind Turbine Blade Production
1/25/2016 Small Wind
SWCC Grants Small Wind Turbine Certification to Pika T701
1/25/2016 NOAA, CIRES Study: Rapid, Affordable Energy Transformation Possible
2/1/2016 New Governors' Wind and Solar Energy Coalition Will Work to Advance Both Technologies
2/1/2016 Energy Department Makes Up to $7 Million Available for Technical Assistance to Tribes
2/18/2016 New Technology Could Protect Birds of Prey Flying near Wind Turbines
2/5/2016 More New Wind Energy Projects Installed in Europe and United States in 2015 than Other Generation Sources
2/16/2016 Governors Sign Accord for a New Energy Future