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Wind Energy Ordinances

Federal, state, and local regulations govern many aspects of wind energy development. The nature of the project and its location will largely drive the levels of regulation required. Wind energy ordinances adopted by counties, towns, and other types of municipalities are one of the best ways for local governments to identify conditions and priorities for all types of wind development. These ordinances regulate aspects of wind projects such as their location, permitting process, and construction. The standards specified in ordinances provide clarity to wind developers and the public. Ordinances may also address issues of community impact such as:

  • Land use
  • Noise standards
  • Safety.

This page offers a catalog of 430 wind energy ordinances used by municipalities across the country to place requirements of the role of wind energy in their communities. Policymakers can use these ordinances as examples when modifying or drafting new ordinances in their jurisdictions.

These ordinances are provided as examples. Their inclusion here implies no endorsement of their content.

If you know of an ordinance that is not included in this list, please let us know.

Total of 430 ordinances found.
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UT Utah Model Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more
UT West Valley City, Utah - Wind Energy Ordinance - Chapter 7-31  ...more
UT Box Elder County, Utah - Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more
TX Corpus Christi, Texas - Wind Energy Ordinance - Article 27D  ...more
TX Garland, Texas - Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more
TN Washington County, Tennessee - Wind Energy Ordinance - Article V - Section 516  ...more
TN Tennessee Model Wind Ordinance  ...more
SD South Dakota Model Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more
SD Brown County, South Dakota - Wind Energy Ordinance - Title 4 Chapter 4.36  ...more
SD Lawrence, South Dakota - Wind Energy Ordinance - Chapter 10 Article 1  ...more
SC North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more
SC Darlington County, South Carolina - Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more
PA Manheim, Pennsylvania - Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more
PA Millcreek, Pennsylvania - Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more
PA Valley Township, Pennsylvania - Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more