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This page lists all of the publications referenced on the WINDExchange initiative's website.

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Date State Program Area Title
8/1/2003 State Wind Working Group Handbook
12/31/2010 CO Strategic Transmission and Renewables: A Vision of Colorado's Electric Power Sector to the Year 2050
11/30/2011 Strategies and Decision Support Systems for Integrating Variable Energy Resources in Control Centers for Reliable Grid Operations: Global Practices, Examples of Excellence and Lessons Learned
2/28/2011 Strengthening America's Energy Security with Offshore Wind
10/10/2014 Policy
Subsidies and Costs of EU Energy: An Interim Report
12/12/2013 Supply Chain and Blade Manufacturing Considerations in the Global Wind Industry (Presentation)
4/1/2001 Public Power
Survey: Lessons Learned That Have Helped or Hindered Successful Applications of Wind Energy
2/1/2015 Sustainable Energy in America 2015 Factbook
5/18/2016 Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
Sustainable Manufacturing, Advanced Research and Technology (SMART) Wind Roadmap
2/29/2012 Econ. Dev.
System Advisor Model, SAM 2011.12.2: General Description
4/30/2009 AK Econ. Dev.
Systems Performance Analyses of Alaska Wind-Diesel Projects; Kasigluk, Alaska
4/30/2009 AK Econ. Dev.
Systems Performance Analyses of Alaska Wind-Diesel Projects; Kotzebue, Alaska
4/30/2009 AK Systems Performance Analyses of Alaska Wind-Diesel Projects; Selawik, Alaska
4/30/2009 AK Econ. Dev.
Systems Performance Analyses of Alaska Wind-Diesel Projects; St. Paul, Alaska
4/30/2009 AK Systems Performance Analyses of Alaska Wind-Diesel Projects; Toksook Bay, Alaska
6/17/2013 KS Econ. Dev.
Technical and Economic Feasibility Study of Utility-Scale Wind at the Doepke-Holliday Superfund Site
8/31/2007 Technical Assistance Project Helps States and Local Governments Reach Their Wind Power Goals
2/11/2009 AK Technology, Performance, and Market Report of Wind-Diesel Applications for Remote and Island Communities
10/1/2014 MA The 2014 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report
3/28/2017 Small Wind
The Distributed Wind Cost Taxonomy
3/1/2005 NJ The Environmental Case for Wind Power in New Jersey
5/18/2016 The EPA Clean Power Plan and State RPS Programs
9/6/2016 RI The Future of Energy Is Blowing in the Wind
9/21/2012 Econ. Dev.
The Impact of Wind Development on County-Level Income and Employment: A Review of Methods and an Empirical Analysis
1/1/2015 Siting
The Islands Playbook
4/1/2014 The Outlook for Renewable Energy in America: 2014
5/31/2012 Econ. Dev.
The Past and Future Cost of Wind Energy
10/4/2016 The Politics of Climate
10/31/2010 Policy
The Relevance of Generation Interconnection Procedures to Feed-in Tariffs in the United States
6/30/2011 Policy
The Role of Renewable Energy Certificates in Developing New Renewable Energy Projects
3/26/2014 Econ. Dev.
The Statewide Economic Impact of Wind Energy Development in Oklahoma: An Input-Output Analysis by Parts Examination
11/30/2015 The Urban Clean Energy Revolution
9/30/2013 The Western Wind and Solar Integration Study Phase 2
5/23/2013 Native Americans
Public Power
The Wind Powering America Anemometer Loan Program: A Retrospective
4/1/2006 Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
The Wind/Water Nexus
5/7/2007 Toward a 20% Wind Electricity Supply in the United States
9/1/2006 Transmission and Wind Energy: Capturing the Prevailing Winds for the Benefit of Customers
3/31/2012 Transmission Benefits of Co-Locating Concentrating Solar Power and Wind
10/1/2013 Econ. Dev.
Transmission Line JEDI Model User Reference Guide
8/14/2012 Transparent Cost Database
10/21/2014 Policy
Trends Shaping our Clean Energy Future
8/17/2016 Small Wind
U.S. Department of Energy 2015 Distributed Wind Market Report
8/17/2016 Small Wind
Econ. Dev.
U.S. Department of Energy 2015 Wind Technologies Market Report
3/9/2016 U.S. Department of Energy Regional Resource Centers Report: State of the Wind Industry in the Regions
7/16/2013 U.S. Energy Sector Vulnerabilities to Climate Change and Extreme Weather
2/8/2011 Siting
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Siting Guidelines Open for Public Comment
9/9/2016 Siting
U.S. Geological Survey Energy and Wildlife Research Annual Report 2016
10/17/2013 U.S. Offshore Wind Market and Economic Analysis
7/31/2012 Siting
U.S. Renewable Energy Technical Potentials: A GIS-Based Analysis
4/7/2016 Policy
U.S. Renewables Portfolio Standards: 2016 Annual Status Report
4/29/2015 U.S. Wind Industry First Quarter 2015 Market Report
4/28/2016 U.S. Wind Industry First Quarter 2016 Market Report
7/21/2016 U.S. Wind Industry Second Quarter 2016 Market Report
10/31/2013 U.S. Wind Industry Third Quarter 2013 Market Report
5/16/2013 Econ. Dev.
Understanding Renewable Energy Businesses: Aligning Renewable Energy Firms + Economic Developers
10/27/2011 Econ. Dev.
Understanding Trends in Wind Turbine Prices Over the Past Decade
7/1/2015 United States Electricity Industry Primer
3/1/2015 Up in the Air: What the Northeast States Should Do Together on Offshore Wind, Before It's Too Late
3/30/2017 Using Probability of Exceedance to Compare the Resource Risk of Renewable and Gas-Fired Generation
1/31/2011 Using Renewable Energy Purchases to Achieve Institutional Carbon Goals: A Review of Current Practices and Considerations
5/23/2011 Policy
Using Revolving Loan Funds to Finance Energy Savings Performance Contracts in State and Local Agency Applications
4/30/2007 UT Econ. Dev.
Utah Perspectives from the Second Annual Harvesting Energy Summit 2007: Outcomes from the "Dialogue Diner" and Stakeholder Panel Sessions
6/30/2015 UT Utah Wind Energy Fact Sheet
5/22/2006 Public Power
Utility Wind Integration Group Issues Assessment of Integration of Wind into Utility Power Systems
7/28/2008 Econ. Dev.
Variables Affecting Economic Development of Wind Energy
1/9/2012 Econ. Dev.
Variance Analysis of Wind and Natural Gas Generation under Different Market Structures: Some Observations
1/1/2004 SD Native Americans
Video: Wind Powering Native America
4/1/2009 WA Siting
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Wind Power Guidelines
9/8/2015 WA Washington Wind Permit Toolkit
3/31/2013 Water Dependence Risks for America's Aging Coal Fleet
7/29/2013 Econ. Dev.
Water-Smart Power: Strengthening the U.S. Electricity System in a Warming World -- A Report of the Energy and Water in a Warming World
1/16/2012 Public Lands
Western Region Renewable Energy Markets: Implications for the Bureau of Land Management
9/30/2012 Western Wind and Solar Integration Study Fact Sheet
6/18/2015 Policy
What States Should Do: A Guide to Resilient Power Programs and Policy
8/5/2015 Siting
Wildlife and Environmental Impacts of Wind Projects: Myths and Facts
3/1/2014 Wind and Solar Energy Curtailment: Experience and Practices in the United States
6/17/2013 UT Econ. Dev.
Wind Development as 'Sustainable Entrepreneurship'
7/1/2015 WY Wind Diversity Enhancement of Wyoming/California Wind Energy Projects: Phase 2
2/28/2008 Policy
Wind Energy and Air Emission Reduction Benefits: A Primer
6/15/2009 NE Econ. Dev.
Wind Energy and Economic Development in Nebraska
8/1/2016 SC Econ. Dev.
Wind Energy and Economic Development in South Carolina
2/28/2009 Econ. Dev.
Wind Energy and Green Jobs
1/24/2006 Agricultural
Public Power
Wind Energy Applications for Municipal Water Services: Opportunities, Situation Analyses, and Case Studies
1/23/2015 Wind Energy Benefits Fact Sheet
5/5/2014 Siting
Wind Energy Deployment in Isolated Islanded Power Systems: Challenges and Realities
2/6/2017 Wind Energy Facilities
12/6/2011 Siting
Wind Energy Facilities and Residential Properties: The Effect of Proximity and View on Sales Prices
12/16/2013 Wind Energy For A Cleaner America II: Wind Energy's Growing Benefits for Our Environment and Our Health
6/1/2004 Econ. Dev.
Wind Energy for Rural Economic Development
10/31/2006 Public Lands
Econ. Dev.
Wind Energy Guide for County Commissioners
8/1/2016 Public Power
Wind Energy Imports in the Southeast
6/30/2010 IL Wind Energy in Illinois: Public Beliefs and Opinions
5/1/2005 Wind Energy Myths Fact Sheet
9/1/2010 Policy
Wind Energy Ordinances Fact Sheet
4/15/2015 Policy
Wind Energy Ordinances Postcard
11/18/2015 WA Wind Energy Permit Toolkit
11/18/2015 OR Wind Energy Permit Toolkit
11/18/2015 ID Wind Energy Permit Toolkit
11/18/2015 MT Wind Energy Permit Toolkit
11/18/2015 WY Wind Energy Permit Toolkit
VT Wind Energy Planning Resources for Utility-Scale Systems in Vermont
3/20/2009 Policy
Wind Energy Update and Social Acceptance Analysis in the United States
7/31/2011 IL Schools
Wind Farm Implications for School District Revenue
8/9/2010 Schools
Wind for Schools Curriculum Brief
5/28/2009 Schools
Wind for Schools Project Power System Brief
8/31/2009 Schools
Wind for Schools: Developing Education Programs to Train the Next Generation of the Wind Energy Workforce
6/30/2013 Econ. Dev.
Wind Life Cycle Assessment Harmonization
1/31/2011 Schools
Wind Power Career Chat
2/1/2002 Public Power
Wind Power For America: Rural Electric Utilities Harvest New Crop
10/1/2002 Public Power
Wind Power for Municipal Utilities
9/30/2012 Wind Power Opportunities in St. Thomas, USVI: A Site-Specific Evaluation and Analysis
12/1/2013 Wind Power Project Repowering: Financial Feasibility, Decision Drivers, and Supply Chain Effects
3/1/2003 Public Power
Wind Power: Options for Industry
2/28/2007 Wind Powering America 2006 Activities Summary
2/29/2008 Wind Powering America 2007 Activities Summary
2/20/2009 Wind Powering America 2008 Activities Summary
3/22/2010 Wind Powering America 2009 Activities Summary
6/26/2013 Wind Powering America's Regional Stakeholder Meetings and Priority State Reports: FY11 Summary
6/6/2012 Schools
Wind Powering America's Wind for Schools Project: Summary Report
12/1/2013 Wind Resource Assessment Report: Mille Lacs Indian Reservation, Minnesota
4/15/2015 Siting
Wind Resource Maps Postcard
5/26/2010 Econ. Dev.
Wind Turbine Manufacturers in the U.S.: Locations and Local Impacts
10/30/2014 Siting
Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study
12/15/2009 Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects: An Expert Panel Review
1/31/2017 IA Schools
Wind Turbine Technician Blows Away Competition as Country's Fastest-Growing Job
3/12/2015 Wind Vision Report
9/29/2015 Wind Vision State Fact Sheets Available
12/22/2015 Wind: A Good Citizen of the Electric Grid
4/15/2015 WINDExchange Newsletter Postcard
7/14/2015 WINDExchange Postcard
4/18/2016 WINDExchange Publishes Distributed Wind Ordinances Slideshow
6/1/2015 CO Winds of Change: The Economic Impact of Colorado's Wind Industry and How to Keep It Growing
11/16/2016 CO Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
Winds of Change: The Great Plains' Powerful New Economic Dynamic
2/1/2015 WI Wisconsin Clean Energy Supply Chain: Good for Manufacturing Jobs, Good for Economic Growth, and Good for Our Environment
10/10/2016 World Wind Energy Association's Half Year Report: Worldwind Wind Capacity Reached 456 GW
9/8/2015 WY Wyoming Wind Permit Toolkit