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This page lists all of the publications referenced on the WINDExchange initiative's website.

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Date State Program Area Title
9/8/2015 ID Idaho Wind Permit Toolkit
9/8/2015 MT Montana Wind Permit Toolkit
9/8/2015 OR Oregon Wind Permit Toolkit
9/8/2015 WA Washington Wind Permit Toolkit
9/8/2015 WY Wyoming Wind Permit Toolkit
9/8/2015 New Atlas Could Aid Great Lakes Wind Development
9/15/2015 UT Four Corners Wind Resource Center Publishes State Fact Sheets
9/22/2015 A Systematic Approach to Better Understanding Integration Costs
9/25/2015 Policy
2015 Quadrennial Technology Review
9/28/2015 New Mid-Atlantic Wildlife and Offshore Wind Report Available
9/29/2015 2014-2015 U.S. Offshore Wind Technologies Market Report
9/29/2015 Wind Vision State Fact Sheets Available
10/6/2015 OK Econ. Dev.
New Report Outlines Wind Industry Impacts in Oklahoma
10/6/2015 Climate Change and the U.S. Energy Sector: Regional Vulnerabilities and Resilience Solutions
10/22/2015 Siting
Plains and Eastern Clean Line Transmission Project Environmental Impact Statement
10/22/2015 AWEA Publishes Third-Quarter Wind Industry Market Report
11/2/2015 Global Atlas for Renewable Energy
11/5/2015 Economic Analysis of U.S. Decarbonization Pathways
11/16/2015 TX Policy
A Wind Vision for New Growth in Texas
11/18/2015 WA Wind Energy Permit Toolkit
11/18/2015 OR Wind Energy Permit Toolkit
11/18/2015 ID Wind Energy Permit Toolkit
11/18/2015 MT Wind Energy Permit Toolkit
11/18/2015 WY Wind Energy Permit Toolkit
11/19/2015 2014 Renewable Energy Data Book
11/23/2015 Policy
State and Local Guide to U.S. EPA Climate and Energy Program Resources
11/30/2015 The Urban Clean Energy Revolution
12/1/2015 IRENA Publishes Quality Infrastructure Report Series
12/7/2015 Southeastern Wind Coalition 2015 Annual Report
12/9/2015 A Guidance Document for Characterizing Tribal Cultural Landscapes
12/15/2015 Engaging Communities in Offshore Wind: Case Studies and Lessons Learned from New England Islands
12/16/2015 EERE 2016-2020 Strategic Plan and Implementing Framework
12/22/2015 Wind: A Good Citizen of the Electric Grid
1/1/2016 Federal Interagency Wind Turbine Radar Interference Mitigation Strategy
1/4/2016 Southwest Power Pool: With Additional Transmission and Tools, 60% Wind Penetration Possible
1/8/2016 Policy
A Retrospective Analysis of the Benefits and Impacts of U.S. Renewable Portfolio Standards
1/16/2016 IRENA: Increasing World's Share of Renewable Energy Would Boost Global GDP to $1.3 Trillion
1/27/2016 AWEA Publishes 2015 Fourth Quarter Market Report
2/1/2016 NATO Working to Increase the Use of Renewable Energy
2/22/2016 Impacts of Federal Tax Credit Extensions on Renewable Deployment and Power Sector Emissions
3/9/2016 U.S. Department of Energy Regional Resource Centers Report: State of the Wind Industry in the Regions
3/14/2016 MA Massachusetts Offshore Wind Future Cost Study
3/21/2016 Small Wind
2016 Small Wind World Report
3/28/2016 Econ. Dev.
E2: More than 2.5 Million Americans Work in the U.S. Clean Energy Industry
4/1/2016 Econ. Dev.
Clean Jobs Midwest
4/7/2016 Policy
U.S. Renewables Portfolio Standards: 2016 Annual Status Report
4/12/2016 AWEA Publishes U.S Wind Industry Annual Market Report 2015
4/13/2016 Framework for Testing the Effectiveness of Bat and Eagle Impact-Reduction Strategies at Wind Energy Projects
4/18/2016 VA Econ. Dev.
Report: Virginia Offshore Wind Economy Could Employ More than 14,000
4/18/2016 CA Floating Offshore Wind in California: Gross Potential for Jobs and Economic Impacts from Two Future Scenarios
4/18/2016 WINDExchange Publishes Distributed Wind Ordinances Slideshow
4/19/2016 GWEC Publishes Global Wind Report
4/28/2016 U.S. Wind Industry First Quarter 2016 Market Report