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Wind Energy Education or Training Program at Mitchell Technical Institute

Here you will find information about the wind energy educational program or training at Mitchell Technical Institute. You can locate other wind energy educational programs or training on our Google Map.

Mitchell Technical Institute

821 N. Capital St.

Mitchell, SD 57301

United States


Type: Community College

Status: Operating

Contact: Clayton Deuter

Phone: (800) 684-1969

More Information

Mitchell Technical Institute's Wind Turbine Technology Program.


Mitchell Technical Institute has developed a new program that is dedicated to wind power technologies. This one- or two-year program will allow students to learn about the basics of turbines, mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and the computer networks that allow the systems to communicate. The optional second year of the program will give graduates experience in areas like PLCs, fiber options, SCADA, electronics and more.

Project Content Last Updated: November 15, 2016