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School Wind Project at K-12 Kiowa County School

Here you will find information about the school wind energy project at K-12 Kiowa County School. You can locate other school wind projects for K-12, community colleges, universities, and more on our Google Map.

K-12 Kiowa County School

710 S. Main St.

Greensburg, KS 67054

United States


Size: 50 kW

Technology: Endurance E-3120

Type: K-12

Status: Operating

More Information

The Greensburg Wind Farm, which went operational in spring 2010, consists of 10, 1.25 MW wind turbines that supply 12.5 MW of renewable power to the town. More information is available in the EERE brief "Rebuilding it Better: Greensburg, Kansas (PDF 1.0 MB) Download Adobe Reader, page 2. The brief also has information about the expected savings from the school's wind turbine, page 3 and 4.

Greensburg GreenTown Web site has more stories about the energy efficient buildings, the many wind turbine installations throughout the town, and a Department of Energy video.


Greensburg has three Endurance E-3120 wind turbines in the town: one at the hospital, one at the John Deere dealership, and this one at the school.

Project Content Last Updated: December 26, 2013