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WINDExchange Slideshows

Photo of wind turbines under a full moon

WINDExchange disseminates credible information about wind energy deployment. As part of this effort, the team has developed slideshows that quickly convey wind energy facts and can easily be shared with other interested stakeholders. Look for more additions to the slideshow series in the coming months.

Wind Energy Integration

This slideshow provides information about integrating wind energy into the electricity grid, including:

  • Examples of wind energy contributing significant power to energy portfolios around the world
  • States leading the market in wind energy production
  • How wind energy can increase system reliability during severe weather events
  • How improved wind forecasting tools and wind technology help grid integration.

A PowerPoint version of the Wind Energy Integration slideshow is available.

Wind Energy Benefits

This slideshow features the top benefits of wind energy:

  • Provides employment, income, and economic benefits from a cost-competitive energy source
  • Diversifies the national energy portfolio
  • Is a clean, inexhaustible resource that doesn't use water
  • Has low operating costs
  • Can be used in a variety of applications
  • Can be integrated with minimal cost increases.

A PowerPoint version of the Wind Energy Benefits slideshow is available.

Wind Energy Impacts

This slideshow helps to alleviate some of the common misconceptions about wind energy and addresses these topics:

  • Wildlife
  • Human health impacts
  • Shadow flicker
  • Radar and communication signal impacts
  • Visual impacts.

A PowerPoint version of the Wind Energy Impacts slideshow is available.

Distributed Wind Ordinances

This slideshow provides an introduction to distributed wind projects and a brief overview of topics to consider when developing a distributed wind energy ordinance:

  • Turbine height restrictions
  • Setback requirements
  • Sound standards
  • Permitting.

A PowerPoint version of the Distributed Wind Ordinances slideshow is available.