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Wind Energy Videos

This page lists wind energy videos.

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Date State Program Area Title
9/5/2008 UT Spanish Fork, Utah, Wind Farm Video
11/19/2008 ME Installation of the University of Maine at Presque Isle 600 kW Wind Turbine
3/1/2009 OK Agricultural
Econ. Dev.
Video: Oklahoma town cashing in on the winds of progress
3/1/2009 OK Econ. Dev.
Video: Economics of Wind
12/11/2009 ID Schools
Video Documenting Installation Process of the Pocatello Community Charter School, Idaho, Wind Turbine
5/4/2010 KS Schools
Econ. Dev.
Kansas Wind Program Stimulates Rural Economy: A Wind Powering America Success Story
5/6/2010 UT Schools
Econ. Dev.
Teacher and Students Bring Renewables to Utah
6/15/2010 MA Neighbors of Massachusetts Maritime Academy Turbine Interviewed
7/7/2010 ID Schools
Small Wind
Wind for Schools Turbine Prompts Updated Wind Ordinance for City of Pocatello: A Wind Powering America Success Story
8/3/2010 Energy 101: Wind Turbines (Video)
8/3/2010 UT And the Winner Is: Wind Uprising, a Wind Powering America Success Story
7/7/2011 MN New Energy Video Broadcast
10/25/2011 KS Schools
Eudora High School Video Club Produces Time-Lapse Video of Turbine Installation
10/22/2012 NE Schools
Dan McGuire Discusses Nebraska Wind Energy in New YouTube Video
1/29/2013 KS Kansas State University Videos Explore Wind Energy
8/18/2014 Schools
Video: Shaping Tomorrow's Wind Energy Leaders
7/5/2016 Schools
Behind the Scenes at the Collegiate Wind Competition: Mini-Documentary Featured on Energy.gov
7/14/2016 KS Econ. Dev.
Wind Destroyed Kansas Town, Now Wind Powers It